Monday, August 10, 2009

Seniors Left Behind?

From The Christian Post:

One of the most controversial issues of the current health care reform debate is the concept of health care rationing-allocating medical care according to predetermined criteria that dictate how much and what kind of care a given patient will receive under a government-run system. Setting aside the comparative merits of various reform proposals on the table in Congress, Americans-particularly the elderly-should be wary of any plan that would limit access to health care based on the arbitrary and discriminatory criteria of age.

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It's Ok as long as the government does it.

No one in America today is denied health services. If you can't afford it, it can't be denied to you. But if the government run system takes hold, you can bet there will be people denied and/or rationed basic health services for the 'elderly'.

At what age one is considered elderly will be the new debate in time to come!


Steve Martin said...

If anyone thinks that older people won't have their healthcare curtailed (bigtime) in the interest of saving time and money, they are kidding themselves.

Thsi kind of thing happens regularly in other government run systems.

And since your doctor will not really have a relationship with you, you will just be another number in the system, and no one will feel sorry for you one way or the other, except your grieving family after you are gone.

And you can bet your life that Congress and the President will have accesss to private medical care, while the rest of us sheep do not.

Anonymous said...

AHEFT shows African American health care has long been rationed by breeding us to limit our lives, so why should we pay for all those boomer pensions we will never benefit from? Afater all, it was the boomer pensions which caused the market to crash.

Wayne Dawg said...

Wow Vernon, that would have to be the most whacky thing ever typed on this blog.........

Steve Martin said...

I hink Vernon has got something there!

(I'm not sure what it is...but it is something)

ExPatMatt said...

We have the National Health Service in the UK.

My Nana needs a hip replacement.

After consulting with her doctor (who she's been on first name terms with for almost 35 years) a couple of times they booked her procedure.

She will be getting her new hip a few weeks after her 82nd birthday, around 3 months after she first met with her doctor about the problem.

Yeah, it's that bad a system!

Obviously this is just personal testimony and may not reflect the statistically average experience of others, but we've never had any reason to complain about the system as it stands.


Joe A. said...
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Joe A. said...

Yes, but government has made a mess of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, comprehensive coverage, etc. We really do not need the government to go further in this sector or in any other sector. It'd be great to see them thoroughly remove themselves from health care and allow the free market to work its magic.

Steve Martin said...

Private competition is always better than a government monopoly when it comes to goods and services.

Look what the government has done to public education in the U.S..

It's a wonder the kids graduating high school can even put two sentences together. They are almost completely ignorant about U.S. history and their math and science scores are abysmal.

Thank you, U.S. government...for nothin'.

Steve Martin said...

Awhile (several months ago) I read a few other stories of horrid conditions in some London hospitals.

It can happen anywhere, but in a government run system with bureaucratic rungs and lots of red tape it is much more prevalent.

Wayne Dawg said...

Well its not a done deal yet.....

Millions and millions of un-patriotic americans are being hosed down for dissenting on this forced health care bill.

Maybe, just maybe we can turn this thing around yet.

ExPatMatt said...


Would you like to see High School level education opened up to the free market?

What do you think would be the impact of this?

How about other services like police, fire, armed forces. Should they be privatized too?


Wayne Dawg said...

The police and fire are state and local responsiblities while the defense of the country through the armed forces are government responsiblities as spelled out in section 8 of the Constitution.

I'm convinced as much as Steve is that government run health care is disaster in the making.

If the real problem is health care for the 10-21 million people (estimates vary) of currently have noe, then let's debate a program that is designed around those folks.

Let's not force everybody into a government run system because some don't have coverage.

Wayne Dawg said...

That should say......

If the real problem is health care for the 10-21 million people (estimates vary) that currently have none, then let's debate a program that is designed around those folks.

Steve Martin said...

"Would you like to see High School level education opened up to the free market?"


Govt. education stinks!!!

Jack Reylan said...

I love it! Euthanize the boomers who deserted Iraq and Vietnam and whose pensions caused the crash. Divine Irony!