Sunday, August 30, 2009

"It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

Oh, my my my............


Steve said...

Unfortunately, the officer is right.

It is a far cry from the America I once knew.

ExPatMatt said...

Hey guys,

I can't watch Youtube vids on this computer - any chance of a brief synopsis?


Steve said...

A guy had a poster with a picture of Obama that was not flattering.

The police made the guy get rid of the poster or be arrested.

The guy said "is this America?"

The policeman said "This ain't America no more."

(something like that)

ExPatMatt said...

Thanks Steve,

Perhaps the policeman meant that in the America he knew, people didn't resort to playground tactics (like drawing Hitler 'taches on the President's face) when they should have been making reasonable, informed objections to what they disagreed with? A sort of 'how-did-it-come-to-this' feeling.

Or perhaps he was trying to say that now the secret Kenyan-born Muslim has been in the White House for 6 months the US can finally be converted into the Islamic Republic of Communist America and all the Christians can be expelled, converted or killed...because this ain't America no more!

Not sure which one I think is most likely, I'll have to watch the video.

Wayne Dawg said...

Sorry Matt..I've not been at the helm lately.

The poster had a picture of Obama with the "Joker" face painted on him.

The Constitution does not have a clause in the 1st Amendment that says 'you can say anything you want as long as the government agrees with what you say' in it.

We all know if it were 5-6 years ago and this was an anti-Bush poster with a Hitler paint over and a swasticka on the sleeve, the poster would have been more than welcome and although I thought a poster like that would be in bad taste, I would defend the person's right to carry it.

ExPatMatt said...

Hey, I've got no problem personally with defacing a picture of the POTUS - he's a public figure and open to satire and ridicule - I'm just saying perhaps the policeman was taking that opinion (and maybe he thought the same about the Bush-era picture's too)

The thing is, the Bush=Nazi thing was because he took the US to war illegally, tapped US phone lines, sanctioned torture and failed to act appropriately when New Orleans got hit (among other things). So far, Obama is trying to get health coverage for the millions of Americans that don't have's not quite the same, is it?

Anyway, the policeman was in the wrong, the guy can carry whatever banner he likes.

Joe Chavez said...


Check out Glenn Beck's "Common Sense." I just got through reading it and I run across this post. After reading the book, this YouTube just solidifies Beck's points in the book.

The progressives must be stopped or, yes, this really won't be the America that our parents once knew.

It's a wake up call, folks!

ExPatMatt said...

It's been 6 months and nothing major has happened.

Honestly, could you be any more dramatic?!

Whatever happens 'this won't be the America [your] parents once knew' because that's how time works. Do you think your parents were saying anything different when they were your age. This is what happens - the political pendulum swings one way and then the other.

Having a Democrat (even a really, really liberal one) in the White House for 4-8 years is not going to ruin America or make it a different country.

And even if it did, there would be an inevitable re-election of the Republican party to swing it back again.

PS. aren't you guys (Christians) supposed to believe that any earthly government is sanctioned by God's will? Just wonderin'