Friday, August 14, 2009

The Gospel is everything, pt 5


Steve Martin said...

I think Pastor Washer dod a pretty good job in this class, overall.

I have heard him elsewhere lay the lash of the law on the hearer and pretty much leave it there. But in this one, he does not do that to his credit.

Rather than go on too long here on your blog, I put together a post on what one should listen for in a sermon over at my blog.

Anywho, thanks Wayne!

Wayne Dawg said...

Thanks Steve!

Jonathan said...

Wayne, did you see the good news on my site? i know I haven't been around much, still not settled into my own home yet. I got a great job, one I didn't even apply for, and it pays more than what I wanted, which it turns out was about what I needed and didn't know it. God is awesome!

Wayne Dawg said...

Praise God for the job Jonathan!

He knows what we need before we do.