Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Gospel is everything

Paul Washer at the Moody Bible Institute during the Legacy Conference -

Hat Tip to Witnessing Encouragement


Steve Martin said...

He missed a perfect opportunity to speak of how much God loves us, even though we ARE idolators.

Instead, he once again turned the focus to us.

We DO know what the gospel is.

It is the forgiveness of our sins for Jesus' sake.

That's it. It is not something that WE DO.

It is DONE TO God...for Jesus sake.

Baptist theology just leaves me cold.


Wayne Dawg said...

This is a 5 part video......I will be posting all parts.

The gospel - Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, was buried and rose again on the third day.

I agree Steve....there is nothing we can do. Repentance and faith even come from God.

I never hear what you hear when I post clips or postings from Washer.

I never hear works salvation from him.

Ike said... got the "Jesus is the only way" down....but it also says in Matthew 7 that the road is narrow and only a "few" will find it. The same God who raises a dead sinner to life, WILL also clean him up.

Steve Martin said...


The Lutheran ear is tuned moe acutely to distinguish law from gospel.

I listen for the demand of the law (what we should, ought and must be doing) and I listen for the gospel (what Christ has done for me).

The law ought be used to bring me to my knees and show me how much I need the gospel. it shouldn't be used to put the onus back on me and whip me into shape and make me a better Christian, or a more worthy Christian, or a more serious Christian.

That is one area where Pastor Washer could use some help, and to be quite frank about it, he is not alone. The inability to properly distinguish the law from the gospel is not easy to do, and most preachers are not even aware that it needs to be done. I don't blame them, they are just ignorant of the problem.

If you walk out of a sermon, or class thinking now I need to do (or feel) this, that or the other thing in order to be a better Christian, then you have just heard the law (it has overwhelmed the gospel).

Wayne Dawg said...

Sorry - Still don't hear it even when I am listening for it.

In the third video (all should be listened to for context) I hear 'Christ Alone' and not law/works.

Steve Martin said...

I haven't listed to #3 yet.

I'll do it now.

I'll come back later and point out what i mean (specifically about #1).

Steve Martin said...

#3 was pretty good.

He did not talk about 'us' and what we should be doing or feeling.

He spoke of Christ and what he has done for us.

I'd like to see if he stays there, or if (towards the end) he turns it around on us, shifting the onus from us.

I have seen him do that before. he gave the gospel. But then, he took it away with the other hand.

So, for now, he's doing great. I'll reserve (more) criticism of this sermon (or class) until I hear how he ends.

Joe A. said...
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Joe A. said...

I think preachers and others like Washer often stress the Law because it is widely ignored by many professing believers and nonbelievers alike.

Washer has a series on God's love, actually. He's one of the most passionate people I've ever heard on the subject of God's love, glory, unmerited grace, etc

Steve Martin said...

No doubt Washer knows the gospel and the love of Christ.

It's how he uses the law and the gospel in a message that I see room for improvement.

Law to kill off. gospel to raise up...and then leave it at that. Do not add more law after handing over Christ. In so doing, any preacher is actuall taking away what he has just given...the love of Christ, and replaces it with the condemnation of the law.

Question of Identity said...

Have been away for a couple of days - not yet listened to this video - am off to bed now but look forward to doing so and to joning in the discussion.

God bless


Loretta said...

Well, what do you guys think now about Washer's teaching on the Gospel, now that you have listened to all the videos that make up all three days of these Legacy talks?