Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Does this picture of a burning US flag make you hotter than a hornet? Does the mere sight of Old Glory going up in smoke make you want to hunt down the dude with the lighter and beat the crap out him? Can you ever imagine striking a match to the flag that your fellow countrymen have bled and died for to keep you free?

If your answers are;


Then you are a true patriot who is proud of his/her country and would stand up to fight for her without hesitation….you would fight to keep her free; you would fight for those who can’t fight for themselves; you would fight for freedom of religion; you would fight for the freedom to keep and bear arms; you would fight so anyone could have the freedom of peaceful assembly; you would fight so anyone could have free speech….

Well, maybe not the last one.

No way Dawg, I would fight for someone's free speech rights. Your wrong about that one.


Then why would you support an amendment to the Constitution banning the burning of the US flag?

Uh, well it’s desecration to our flag man!

Yes it is.

It’s shameful and unpatriotic for someone to do that!

Yes it is.

It’s a kick in the pants to every man and woman who has died defending this great country!

I know it is, but you said you would defend someone’s right to free speech.


I have a deep disdain for flag burners. I loathe the person who would put to shame our country in such a disrespectful way as burning the symbol of freedom that our military has fought and died for.


If a person wants to demonstrate in a manner that involves burning the US flag, then they should have that right.

I can’t believe the time and effort that has gone into debating this issue in the House and Senate. The House passed, for the 6th straight time, a measure approving adding an amendment to the Constitution banning flag burning. The Senate, last night, defeated the measure by one vote.

Let’s put into perspective the flag burning issue.

How many times in the last 5 years do you think the US flag has been burned in protest on US soil? 100 times? 200 times? Let’s be generous and say that the US flag has been burned, in protest, 500 times over the last 5 years on US soil.

Now let’s compare that to the 5,000,000 babies that were killed in-utero over the last 5 years.

For every flag that was burned, 10,000 babies were butchered for the sake of a women’s 'right' to choose and sacrificed on the alter of pro-choice. The House and the Senate will debate for hours and hours on the right to free speech through flag burning, but won’t do anything about the atrocious, horrible ‘right’ that has been allowed to exist for more than 30 years in this country.

People, where are your priorities?????????

Friday, June 16, 2006

Back from the beach

We just got back from vacationing at Myrtle Beach this week and one of the highlights (for me anyway) was going to Coastal Federal Field and watching the Myrtle Beach Pelicans play ball. The Pelicans are a single A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves and have not been playing the best of ball lately. That is, until we went to see them. Tuesday’s nights game was cancelled because tropical storm Alberto decided to skate up the Carolina’s on the night we had tickets. So a rain check was given out for a double header the next night. As the baseball freak I am, this worked out great. Two games for the price of one…that’s a bargain.

The Pelicans won the first game 4-3 behind some awesome pitching from Matt Harrison. Remember that name baseball fans because I believe he is headed for the show in a few years if he keeps pitching like he did the other night. Matt is now 8-3 with a 2.59 era. He throws in the low to mid 90’s with his fastball and has a pretty wicked slider. He only gave up one earned run while some bad fielding led to a couple un-earned runs. The Pelicans won game 2 behind some clutch hitting and better fielding. A couple kids to watch are J.C. Holt and Brandon Jones. J.C. is a pretty good glove at 2nd base but has been slumping so far this season at the plate. He did raise his average some Wednesday with hits in both games. Brandon could be the next Andrew Jones as far as the outfield skills go. He does lead the team with strikeouts but also in the RBI’s too.

Myrtle Beach has always been our families favorite beach to vacation at each year and now that I have found my new favorite place to be at besides the beach there, I’m already looking forward to our next trip.