Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Does this picture of a burning US flag make you hotter than a hornet? Does the mere sight of Old Glory going up in smoke make you want to hunt down the dude with the lighter and beat the crap out him? Can you ever imagine striking a match to the flag that your fellow countrymen have bled and died for to keep you free?

If your answers are;


Then you are a true patriot who is proud of his/her country and would stand up to fight for her without hesitation….you would fight to keep her free; you would fight for those who can’t fight for themselves; you would fight for freedom of religion; you would fight for the freedom to keep and bear arms; you would fight so anyone could have the freedom of peaceful assembly; you would fight so anyone could have free speech….

Well, maybe not the last one.

No way Dawg, I would fight for someone's free speech rights. Your wrong about that one.


Then why would you support an amendment to the Constitution banning the burning of the US flag?

Uh, well it’s desecration to our flag man!

Yes it is.

It’s shameful and unpatriotic for someone to do that!

Yes it is.

It’s a kick in the pants to every man and woman who has died defending this great country!

I know it is, but you said you would defend someone’s right to free speech.


I have a deep disdain for flag burners. I loathe the person who would put to shame our country in such a disrespectful way as burning the symbol of freedom that our military has fought and died for.


If a person wants to demonstrate in a manner that involves burning the US flag, then they should have that right.

I can’t believe the time and effort that has gone into debating this issue in the House and Senate. The House passed, for the 6th straight time, a measure approving adding an amendment to the Constitution banning flag burning. The Senate, last night, defeated the measure by one vote.

Let’s put into perspective the flag burning issue.

How many times in the last 5 years do you think the US flag has been burned in protest on US soil? 100 times? 200 times? Let’s be generous and say that the US flag has been burned, in protest, 500 times over the last 5 years on US soil.

Now let’s compare that to the 5,000,000 babies that were killed in-utero over the last 5 years.

For every flag that was burned, 10,000 babies were butchered for the sake of a women’s 'right' to choose and sacrificed on the alter of pro-choice. The House and the Senate will debate for hours and hours on the right to free speech through flag burning, but won’t do anything about the atrocious, horrible ‘right’ that has been allowed to exist for more than 30 years in this country.

People, where are your priorities?????????


sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

True, but I still hate the flag burning thing and it does make me HOT and if someone feels that way about our country, they should just pack up and leave!

Wadical said...

I wrote something along these lines not long ago. It was regarding the "Baptists" that choose to protest at GI Funerals holding signs that "God hates Fags" and that the GI who died in service of his country was going to hell. It's outrageous. It's ridiculous. It's downright pathetic and just plain wrong......but.....a law passed restricting their right to protest in this manner would set a dangerous precedent and kick open some long shut doors for the government to censor its people.

I'd like to rip the head off anyone who would defile our national banner....but I dig deep within myself to muster restraint. As much as I disagree, I'm sure there are those who disagree just as strongly at my outspoken beliefs.

The First Ammendment is First for a reason. It the right to express yourself and your ideas, albeit against the "institution", that makes you free. The Second Ammendment protects the First.

It is useless boondoggling and a waste of taxpayers time and money to argue such a subject on the floors of either of the Houses of legislation. But the great majority of Americans are sheep and see their Congressmen and Senators as they see leaders and not as their servants and representatives. Both sides of the isle would much rather wrestle with "feel good legislation" than on the real controversial subjects that divide that very isle. So it has been for decades before, and so it shall remain for decades to come. 'Tis a sad state, is it not?

WayneDawg said...

Sunshine: I agree. They should leave and I would help pack their bags.

WWW: It is a sad state. The flag vote, every time it comes up, is nothing more than political pandering. A few Senate republicans didn't even show up to vote on this. That ticks me off almost as bad as the voting itself.

Maybe the Repub's who didn't show up to vote thought it was political pandering as well. Maybe they thought it had enough votes to pass. Maybe they were down at the local pub getting wasted. Unless they were involved in a family emergency, their butts should have been on Capital Hill voting like their consituents intended them to be.

I'm feel as Badbeans does in his latest blog, I'm sick of the whole lot of them. The Repub's are nothing more than Demo's in sheeps clothing. Beans is right; except for foreign policy and defense, Bush and his republican cronies are a wet dream come true for liberals.

Badbeans said...

Flag burning is a private property issue as well.

Now, flag burning can be handled with local ordinances. For example, if a protester wants to burn the flag down at the square in town, ordinances about burning within the city limits should kick in, and the protester would be fined by the city. However, if I am at my home and go through the proper procedures by obtaining a burn permit, and I choose to burn a flag in my front yard, then no one should be able to stop me.

Do not get me wrong. I detest those that burn the flag and would never do it myself, except in cases where the flag that I own is so worn out, it would be disgrace not to. The irony of this proposed amendment is that the proper way to respectfully destroy a flag is to burn it.

I cannot choose a proper handle. Should it be Republicrats or Demopublicans. I kind of like the latter.

PrivatePigg said...

Excellent perspective. I'm guessing the Amendment failed by one vote because most people feel exactly the same way.

Anonymous said...

I belive we should live in a country where it's free to burn the flag. But,,,,you should be so scared that a true patriot would knock your lights out that you would'nt do it in public!!!!

mistyforeverlost said...

I find it sad that the flag is becoming more important then the people. It's a representation, sure. But it's not WHO we are or WHAT we stand for. It's an inanimate representation of our country that holds way to much power over the peoples head.

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