Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well the new year is here. Well, at least it is in Australia.

2006. Hmmm....

What will be the headlines of 2006?

Will it be more of the same from 2005?

Will we continue to pay premium prices for energy? Gas above $70/barrel for 2006?
Will the environmentalists re-start the global warming sirens when a few more hurricanes form?
Will the housing market continue to cool off from it's record pace?
Will Ben Bernarke change the way the Federal Reserve plots it's course?
Will the (shhhh) economy continue to make huge strides without being noticed by mainstream media?
Will conservative (lol) President Bush continue to increase government at record paces?

Who knows.
Does it really matter in the long run?

What does really matter in the long run anyway?

Yes, I'm new

I am WayneDawg.

Nothing philosophical or self-absorbing about the name. The name came from my boss who is a Georgia Bulldog (or dawg) fanatic.

I don't know why I have started this blog. Maybe to put down random thoughts and views that I have on whatever I feel like writing about. Maybe to vent about stupid things and stupid things people do. Maybe to anger people about my conservative viewpoints. Maybe to get feedback on why my bermuda sod is now infected with fescue grass.

I'll just let the thoughts come as they will.