Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yes, I'm new

I am WayneDawg.

Nothing philosophical or self-absorbing about the name. The name came from my boss who is a Georgia Bulldog (or dawg) fanatic.

I don't know why I have started this blog. Maybe to put down random thoughts and views that I have on whatever I feel like writing about. Maybe to vent about stupid things and stupid things people do. Maybe to anger people about my conservative viewpoints. Maybe to get feedback on why my bermuda sod is now infected with fescue grass.

I'll just let the thoughts come as they will.



User101 said...

Welcome to Blogger, Waynedawg! :)

Anonymous said...

Woot! You go, man! Waynedawg!!!

Fly By said...

So, what can we expect from this site?

Where do you stand on the war in Iraq?

How conservative are you?

Why does Christianity say that they are the only way to Heaven?

That should get you started.....

WayneDawg said...

Wow - Ok, hmmm. How bout this....

* Whatever I feel like.

* Yes, there is one.

* Very.

* Jesus said He was the way, truth and life and that no man can go to the Father except through the Son. Christianity didn't say it, Jesus did.