Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quote of the day

Sinners in hell are not the fools they were on earth; in hell they do not laugh at everlasting burnings; in the pit they do not despise the words, “eternal fire.” The worm that never dieth, when it is gnawing, gnaws out all joke and laughter; you may despise God now, and despise me now for what I say, but death will change your note.

C. H. Spurgeon


ExPatMatt said...


Wayne Dawg said...

Not posted as a scare tactic Matt, but rather as a vivid reality that awaits those who die in their sins.

ExPatMatt said...

Don't worry Wayne, I wasn't that scared!

[he says, looking out from under the bed]

Steve Martin said...

That is the fate that we ALL deserve (for living as we will, and not as God wills).

But in Christ Jesus, He has taken that punishment upon Himself and died a brutal death for us, that we could live forever with Him in Paradise.

He knows who and what we REALLY ARE.

But He loves us anyway. Not because of anything that we do, say, feel, or think. But in spite of it.

Joe A. said...

Is the idea of God being all-loving undeniably confirmed in scripture? I guess maybe a verse like 2 Peter 3:9 might imtimate such?

It doesn't seem explicitly attested.

Steve said...

"For God so loved the WORLD..."

He died for the sins of "the WHOLE WORLD"

He is loving, but He is also just.

He desires that ALL MEN would come to Him.

But many will reject Him. He is not a cosmic kidnapper. He won't force us to stay with Himself anymore than we would tie up our loved ones and force them to stay with us.

ExPatMatt said...

God can't be all-loving; it wouldn't be internally consistent with being omniscient, being the Creator and there being a populated hell.

Wayne Dawg said...

Matt is correct...did I say that?

God is not ALL-loving.

Love is an attribute of His, but it is not His only attribute.

God is wise
God is holy
God is faithful
God is wrathful
God is just
God is merciful
God is jealous
God is longsuffering

This is just a partial list.....could one name them all?

No one attribute is greater than another with God.

His attributes are perfectly consistent with His nature as revealed in Scripture.

ExPatMatt said...

Must be the End-Times....


Steve said...

It's always the end times...for somebody.

Our day will be here before we know it.

But our loving God has done somthing about it.

If you believe that, then you've got it!

That's the Good News!