Monday, August 17, 2009

Living their best life now.....

4 Christian Orphanage Workers Beheaded in Somalia

Somali Islamic extremists beheaded four Christians recently after kidnapping them last month, according to eyewitness accounts reported to International Christian Concern (ICC).

Members of the Islamic extremist organization Al-Shabaab had kidnapped Fatima Sultan, Ali Ma'ow, Sheik Mohammed Abdi, and Maaddey Diil on July 27 from their coastal town of Merca, 56 miles from Mogadishu, and eventually beheaded the Christians after they refused to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ.

The four Christians had been working for a local NGO that helps orphans in southern Somalia.

"Al-Shabaab has once again demonstrated its utter disregard for the dignity of human life,” commented Jonathan Racho, ICC's Regional Manager for Africa and the Middle East, after receiving news of the beheadings. “It is high time for the international community to take robust measures to end the heinous crimes that Al-Shabaab and other extremist groups are committing against the people of Somalia."

According to one eye witness account, all four of the “apostates” were given an opportunity to return to Islam and to be released “but they all declined the generous offer."

When they refused, all four were beheaded for apostasy and news of their deaths was passed along to their families on Aug. 4 by a junior Al-Shabaab militant who called himself "Seiful Islam" ("the Sword of Islam").

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Please continue to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world.

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Steve Martin said...

The religion of 'pieces' is at it again.

Islam is pure evil. Not all it's adhrents are. But that religious, political system is built on lies and subjugation.

It is hell bent on world domination by any means (killing off it's opponents is certainly one way)and we just sit back and tell each other not to be Islamophobic.

We had better wake up and wake up in a hurry.

May God bless and strengthen and protect those that are being persecuted by this murderous religion.