Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your Best Life Now?

While we entertain ourselves with stupid little videos to show the Hollywood culture how cool, hip, and relevant we are, this is going on everywhere else.

Please consider financially supporting the Voice of the Martyrs

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Steve Martin said...

The blood of the Martyrs ceratinly does water the seddsof the Church.

We ought contribute to this worthwhile Christian organization and prayer for persecuted Christians all over the earth.

Thanks Wayne.

ExPatMatt said...


What do you think Ray's motivation for asking the question in his most recent blog post was?

Knowing how much he despises evolution, Darwin and atheists in general - what would be a reasonable conclusion?

I'm interested to know what you think.


Wayne Dawg said...

Matt -

Ray does not despise atheists. He loves atheists!

I don't know that he despises evolution....we (Creationists) all believe that there is micro evolution (minor variations from within species) but never one specie evolving into another.

I think Ray loves to bait and egg it on. I really do. He loves to see all the fuss a question like that would garnish.

ExPatMatt said...

He's a liar, Wayne, a willful liar.

He's probably the worst example of Christianity I've ever come across.

You know me well enough to know that I am interested in talking about and learning about faith, God, the Bible and Christians. I have no enmity towards you or any other theist whose blog I contribute to.

But Ray Comfort is something else. I truly believe he is doing damage to the Christian cause with his continued dishonesty.

Even if evolution is false, where does he get off implying that it is racist? It just makes people think that Christians are stupid, which I know they're not.

And the only reason Ray loves atheists is because they provide him with material for his books/videos.

"The atheists on this blog have no credibility" - Ray Comfort, 2009

Incidentally, there are many observed examples of 'one species evolving into another' along with countless other evidences from different fields of science that all indicate that evolution is correct.

There is no evidence to indicate a 6,000 year old, a global flood or a recent creation of all languages. Let alone evidence of an intelligently designed universe. If you know of any [evidence], I'd love to hear it!


Ike said...

This life we live is not life. This life is a living death. This whole world is ruins brilliantly disguised as elegance. Christ alone is life. Christ has come, bringing his life into the wreckage called us. He has opened up, even in these ruins, the frontier of a new world where grace reigns. He is not on a mission to help us improve our lives here. He is on a mission to create a new universe, where grace reigns in life. He is that massive, that majestic, that decisive, that critical and towering and triumphant.

We don't "apply this to our lives." It's too big for that. But we worship him. And we boast in the hope of living forever with him in his new death-free world of grace.

"R. Ortlund"