Friday, February 06, 2009

From Defending/Contending

I had to post this from Defending Contending this morning. As a staunch pro-life supporter I must continue to make things like this known as long as I am able to. Please click on the link to read the news story.

Proof that there’s a Hell and a loving God will send the wicked there.

This shocking story out of Florida of the murder of a child under the pretense of “choice” is proof enough for me that there’s a Hell. For if there was no punishment for this wickedness God would fail to be just.

And on a side note, had the murderous blood-shedding “doctor” arrived on time and the baby girl was executed the “normal” way, this would have never made the news. So what’s the difference?


Wendy said...


I totally agree with you when you say so what's the difference between this and what would have happened anyway. It is horrific and still MURDER either way. I just don't understand their logic. How can you say that the baby is alive outside the womb but not inside? As painful as that was to read I appreciate you posting it and reminding us to keep up the fight against abortion.


steve martin said...

I think it ought be legal for any woman or man do killany baby under two years of age.

They cannot survive on their own, and sometimes they can add extra burdens onto someone's life.

Why deprive a woman (especially) of the right to true freedom?

Does this not make sense to all of you 'right to choose' people?

Wayne Dawg said...

The arguments provided by the pro-abortionists, as Steve points out, are nonsense and un-intelligent.

*I think it ought be legal for any woman or man do kill any baby under two years of age.*

Why stop at two years. According to that argument, we should be able to kill anyone who cannot take care of themselves.

*...and sometimes they can add extra burdens onto someone's life.*

Same logic as the first point applys here too....we should be free to kill our aging parents now that they are older and will become a financial burden on us who are just trying to make ends meet.

*Why deprive a woman (especially) of the right to true freedom?*

Absolutely - she should also be free, then, to kill anyone who stands in her way at any other point throughout her life irregardless of the size and age of the person; why limit her right to be free to just killing un-born children?

As Steve rightly points out, there is no logical argument that an pro-abortionist could use against you.

Do not be afraid to voice your outrage over the fact that 50+ million children never once had a 'choice' in the matter.

nutcracker said...

As a woman who has been pregnant and then lost it, I don't see how you could suck a life out of yourself and toss it away as if it was a worn out pair of shoes. I had trouble with this idea when my baby stopped developing at 5 weeks and I had a miscarriage.

You should call it by what it is. It's a baby. Not a mass of cells or an embryo or something growing in a test tube. It's the miracle of life. God given life. Only God has the power to give life.

These days some women look at it as simply a matter of convenience. Oh, you don't want to be pregnant - then just get rid of the baby. Whatever happened to the idea that as a society we have to learn to live with the consequences of the decisions we make. Sound familiar? This is exactly what's going on in
government and the housing market, etc. We are just teaching people that they can make poor decisions and someone will bail them out. Sheesh!

Wayne Dawg said...

Nutcracker -

I was thinking before you posted this about all the couples in the world who try to have children and can't or become pregnant and then lose a child as you and Mr. Pittsburgh Steelers did.

Here we have millions of children being aborted each year and millions trying to have children.....

Anonymous said...

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