Monday, February 02, 2009

Victor or Victoria?

How do feel this witnessing encounter went?

Would you do anything different?

Was the Law presented correctly?

Would you have given the Gospel to this person?


CB said...

It seems like he needed to hear the basic gospel message, not that same scripture over & over. That didn't seem very effective, although it did seem to make him uncomfortable. I know that he claimed salvation, but he didn't seem to understand what salvation is or what it means for him. KWIM? This is very good to watch & learn from!

Joseph A. said...

I am scared to let it get past E.Z.'s intro.

Question of Identity said...

I admire how the Gospel was given in love. I also have a lot of respect for Victor - but how he needs the healing power of Christ in his life!

If I was the evangelist and had longer with Victor I would have asked him of his back ground - try to get some incite into the brokenness that has contributed to choosing his idolatry of cross dressing? What areas of his life need healing - which will help him make better choices.

I would point out that the stuff in life that has happened doesn't give him an excuse for the choices he has made - but healing would help him to trust Jesus and make better choices.

God bless


Wayne Dawg said...

CB - I agree. I would have presented the Law as Ray did, but I believe I would have magnified what Christ did on the cross showing this man what God went through to redeem his soul from hell to give him a better picture of what it cost God.

Joseph - c'mon...I value your insight.

Neil - I agree with you too.....I would love to understand where this man had come from and why he is like he is today.

Louie Lipshitz said...

Not being a big fan of cookie-cutter Evangelism, I would have handled it much differently.

I always try and find out where the person is being had, what things has the person down and hurting and go from there.

A little law goes a long way. There's more law than just reciting certain commandments.

Find out where they are hurting and then give the Good News. Let them know that the world, the flesh,and the devil are crushing you as well, but that Christ Jesus has done something about it on the cross. That He will heal this sin-soaked world and that includes them. That His death was FOR THEM, personally.

Hand Him (Jesus) over with no strings attached.

That law will work on the person and that gospel will do it's work as well.

And then you haven't helped to harden the person any further to the message.

My 2 cents.

glad2b4given said...

Wayne, thanks for the comment. I love the A/V media on your site. Videos have a way of making a different type of impact than words. As far as Victor goes, I would have asked Victor if I could speak to him offline. The camera can be used as a tool for attracting people, but can also serve to keep people away, hinder their willingness to share, or hinder their honesty. Some will flock to a camera, some will avoid it, but I think that Victor might have been more personal, sharing more of his background, if the conversation had migrated off camera. This would also serve to make the gospel witness more personal. I think the conversation went great. It really depends upon the goal of the interviewer. What was he aiming for? The great opportunity here is that this person claims to believe that the Bible is God's word, so there is a common reference point, a common foundation that doesn't have to be established. That's half the battle.