Friday, February 20, 2009

7th grader abortion video update -

Thanks to Jonathan over at The Journalings of a Christian Hedonist for the story!
Unborn Child Saved by 12-Year-Old's Popular Pro-Life Presentation
TORONTO, February 18, 2009 ( - Though 12-year-old Lia's popular pro-life presentation did not win a regional speech competition last night, she and her family are celebrating what they call the "best trophy ever" - the saving of an unborn life, after Lia's words convinced a stranger not to abort her child.
"Lia has a much bigger trophy - somebody commented to us on our YouTube account that her aunt watched Lia's video and decided to NOT have an abortion because of it. Yay God! Others have commented that they either never thought of the issue before or were pro-choice - but now they have changed their opinions. So, having a life saved is the best trophy ever!" wrote Lia's mother.
Makes you wonder if Lia did the video in the first place not only because of her pro-life stance but maybe she could have known about her aunt's decision to have an abortion. Nevertheless, a child was saved through the efforts of another child.
Thank you Lia!


Christopher Geiser said...

Hey guy! Nice to have you back. That is cool to have abortion testimonies that are good, nice post.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the trackback. If you read the story again, it wasn't her aunt, but a stranger's aunt (somebody on YouTube, their aunt). I didn't catch it the first time either. One life saved that might not have been! Awesome!