Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Devil in sheeps clothing?

"If the devil comes to my door with his horns visible,I will never let him in; but if he comes with his hat on as a respectable gentleman, he is at once admitted.The metaphor may be very strange, but it is quite true--many a man has taken in an evil thing, because it has been varnished and glossed over, and not apparently an evil; and he has thought in his heart, there is not much harm in it; so he has let in the little thing, and it has been like the breaking forth of water- the first drop has brought after it a torrent.

The beginning has been but the beginning of a fearful end." --C.H. Spurgeon


Jonathan said...

Glad to see you back "on-the-air". Your post reminds me of the film Time Changer. Have you seen it? I've heard it said that the Church is only about 10 years behind our society, meaning we will accept into our homes in 10 years the very filth they pander now. Watching Time Changer every so often is a great help, reminding me that there used to be a generation, even a society, of godly people striving for righteousness.

steve martin said...

Welcome back, Wayne!

I hope you are feeling well!

There are lots of wolves in sheep's clothing...and many are in the church!

Thanks Jonathan for the tip about Time Changer.