Monday, March 02, 2009

Are you hungry?

from Spurgeon's sermon, "BREAD FOR THE HUNGRY"
We should come to hear the Word, like baby birds in the nest--when the mother-bird comes with the worm, they are all stretching their necks to see which one shall get the food, for they are all hungry and want it.
And so should hearers be ready to get hold of the Word,not wanting that we should force it down their throats, but waiting there, opening their mouths wide that they may be filled,receiving the Word in the love of it, taking in the Word as the thirsty earth drinks in the rain of heaven.
Hungry souls love the Word.
Perhaps the 'speaker' may not always put it as they may like to hear it, but as long as it is God's Word, it is enough for them.
They are like people who are sitting at the reading of a will--the lawyer may have a squeaking voice, perhaps, or he mispronounces the words, but what does that matter?They are listening to see what is left to them.
So is it with God's people. It is not the preacher,but the 'preacher's God' that these hungry ones look to.
Why, if you were very poor, and some benevolent neighbor should send you a loaf of bread by a man who had a club foot,you would not look at the foot, you would look at the bread.
And so is it with the hearers of the Word-- they know if they wait until they get a perfect preacher, they will get no preacher at all, but they are willing to take the man, imperfections and all,provided he brings the Master's bread.
And though he be but a lad, and can bring but a few barley loaves and fishes, yet since the Master multiplies the provision,there is enough for all, and they feed to the full.

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