Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living their best life now -

On Feb. 25, 27-year old Hossein Karimi was released from prison after placing his home as collateral, according to Farsi Christian Network News (FCNN).

Hossein, a new convert, had been arrested on charges of attending home churches, evangelizing, storing Bibles and converting to the Christian faith, FCNN reported.

Hossein was arrested by Iranian secret police on Jan. 30 and was held for 27 days in an unknown location until his release. He’s now waiting for the courts to give him a scheduled date to appear to present his case.

Prior to this recent incident, Hossein was arrested in November 2008. According to FCNN, he was taken into custody, fingerprinted and photographed. He was then released after four days on bail with a consent that he would no longer participate in any Christian activities.

Praise God for Hossein’s faithfulness to the Lord and his release. The Voice of the Martyrs encourages you to pray for him. Ask God to protect him as the Iranian government will be watching him closely. Pray he will continue to stand for Christ.


Arrested on charges of attending home churches, evangelizing, storing Bibles and converting to the Christian faith..........

Christians are suffering and being persecuted throughout the world for simply living out their faith. Please take a moment today and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.


Joseph A. said...

I'm going to try and see if there's a way I can smuggle some Joel Olsteen tapes into Iran for Hossein to strengthen his faith.

Aha, here's a way:

Maybe the family should take advantage of this instead of Myrtle Beach this year. Tempting, ya?

Steve Martin said...

Instead of Joel Osteen tapes, how about trying to get him something that will strengthen his faith in Christ.

Something a little bit more Christ centered instead of 'me' centered.

And then, as Wayne says, pray for him and all others persecuted for their faith.

Wayne Dawg said...

Steve -

I can assure you Joseph was speaking tongue-in-cheek. Joseph is about an anti-Osteen (Et Al) as any devout Christian could be.

He was playing off my header "Best Life Now"

The link he provided (in jest) is an Iran tourism travel site showing all the attractions and sites to see........

I didn't see any underground church links though.....

pastorbrianculver said...

Hi WD,
Those Osteen tapes can be used for the recycle bins. I think you can get 5 cents per 10 tapes!!

Ike said...

I have prayed for Hossein. Thanks for this information. He is a choicer saint than me.