Thursday, July 09, 2009

Judgment Seat of Christ - Leonard Ravenhill


Steve Martin said...

What a great law sermon!

Not too much gospel, but loaded with law.

I noticed he said when we stand before Christ it will be "almost as paupers".

I will stand as a pauper. A full blown pauper. Completely unworthy other than the fact that He died for me and has forgiven me. I'll have absolutely nothing to offer of my own doing...other than my sin.

But thanks be to God that He loves sinners...of whom I am first.

Wayne Dawg said...

"Not too much gospel, but loaded with law."

John Wesley once said "Preach 90% Law and 10% Grace".

That sounds, on the onset, like too much emphasis on the Law.

But, like Ray Comfort says, if a doctor spends a lot of time telling you about the nature of the condition that aflicts you, you will begin to understand the seriousness of the problem. You will not only be concerned, you will be alarmed.

The doctor will not need much time telling you about the cure for your will be begging him for it.

As it is with the Law.

Once the Law has done its job in showing a sinner the seriousness of his condition, the 'cure' if you will, is the good news of the Gospel that our Lord has purchased Himself at such a high cost; His life.

Thanks Steve!

Ike said...
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Steve Martin said...

The ratio is not as important as what you are left with.

If you leave from hearing a sermon and you think, "I'd better get busy and do X,Y and Z", then you may have gotten the gospel, but the law just erased it and replaced it.

Better to have the law upfront (to kill off the hearer) and then the gospel to raise them again to new life. (and then resist giving them the law again because that will be handing back their death when you want them to leave with the new life).