Friday, July 17, 2009

10 Ways for Worship Leaders to Hinder the Church

Numbers 6 & 7 are very important in a lot of churches today.


Question of Identity said...

No Ten is certainly becoming prominent in churches today- there is a movement to 'push the boundaries' to fit in with the local culture and whilst I have not heard worship leaders swear I certainly have heard many a preacher swear (outside the pulpit at least!).

God bless Wayne


Steve Martin said...

This stuff is exactly why we ought focus on the EXTERNAL WORD.

We shouldn't internalize the faith, because that leads to emotionalism, and a constant need to ramp up the worship and to ramp up whatever is going on inside OF YOU...that you might look and feel saved.

The external Word keeps you grounded in what Christ has done FOR YOU, and keeps the onus on Him.

Chris Geiser said...

This is very interesting.