Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BLOG Spotlight

My 9 year old son asked mom and dad if he could have his own blog site. At first mom was a little hesitant so we had a family discussion.

My son said he wanted it to be a Christian blog where he could post his thoughts.


Mom didn't want to worry about the language that commenter's might leave behind and I told her we can turn that feature off or we can enable a moderator function that would pass through her email and she could approve or disapprove the comments.

Ok, but no comments for now.

Mom said that she would be the overseer of the blog and nothing goes online before she saw it.


So, with all in agreement, here is the new blog site:

He Who Believes

He has already posted his first post entitled: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FROM A KID'S PERSPECTIVE

Give him a quick read and check back from time to time to see his progress.


ExPatMatt said...

You've taught him well!

I particularly liked the mountain climber metaphor; was that one of his own creation?


Wayne Dawg said...

Thanks Matt -

Yes, that was his analogy.

ExPatMatt said...

It's a very good one. You've got yourself a smart kid there; well done!

I certainly agree that it's a good idea to keep comments blocked (for now) - there are some odd folk on the internet. However, now that he has an account, what about him going and reading/commenting on other people's blogs, do you have a position on that yet?


Wayne Dawg said...

The computer is in the living room for all eye's to see.

Plus, the only time he can be on the computer is with permission from mom or dad......which is then supervised.

Da Bomb said...

It's very cool, go for it Iceman!

I also like your mountain analogy. Preach brother!

Question of Identity said...

Wayne This is really encouraging - your son must make you so happy!

Many blessings


Steve Martin said...

You might have a budding pastor there.

He is doing a great job!