Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gone to prison -

Please pray for me, my faithful evangelism partner and several hundred other evangelists as we head down to the Atlanta area prisons this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Pray that God is already at work and will reveal Himself to many folks. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict people of their sins through the law and pray the Gospel will mend that heart with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the safety of the evangelists as they travel in from several parts of the country and for their families they left behind.

Pray that God will be glorified in everything we say and do.

Thank you brothers and sisters!


Tracy said...

Jesus, I ask that you would shine more brilliantly than the noonday sun through this team of evangelists. Shine so much that that the people will take notice and interest. You see each heart and know every story of the prisoners and guards. Pave the way Lord. Give the evangelists power and authority to deliver Your truth that would pierce hearts. Impact these people and blow their minds away! Let Your glory fall so strongly and thickly that they would have to look around to see if they are in heaven. Grip them in Holy fear of You and convict their hearts of sin before a holy righteous God. Bring revelation and understanding to these people that so desparately need You. Demonstrate Your great love toward them. Lead them to those that are ready for Your salvation action.
Give these evangelists a deeper sensitivity to Your leading. Give them discernment.
Fill them with Your Holy Spirit that they would be filled up to overflowing and it would spill out, all over, everywhere! Let Your life flow through them in spite of them.
Protect them from the plans of the enemy. Thwart satan's plans! All the snares he has set, cause him to fall in them himself! God arise and let Your enemies be scattered.
Bless them to be a blessing. A true demonstraion of Your characteristics. Pour out Your spirit Lord. Pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh. Let them know that You are God!!! let the simplicity of Your gospel message cut to their hearts. In Jesus' name!

Steve said...

My the Lord use your words for His glorious purposes.

May He grab a hold of their hearts and make them His children.

You won't need much law in there. They have the law staring them in the face each moment of every day.

But they could sure stand to hear those promises, again.

Ike said...

"Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter"

Pretty strong words from Charles Spurgeon!!

Question of Identity said...

Praying that God blesses this time and that souls are saved.