Friday, September 18, 2009

Dose of Ravenhill

Boy, that’s a dirty thing to preach these days. Who preaches repentance? There is an old hymn that says, Repentance is
"to leave the sins I’ve done before,
and show that I in earnest grieve,
by doing them no more."

Repentance is more than saying, "I’m sorry." Repentance is mental. It’s something in my mind, I’m going this way and I turn that way.
When I’m going this way I’m saying,
"God is in the wrong and I am in the right."
When I turn around I say,
"God is in the right, if He sends me to hell He is in the right."

That is repentance. It’s not just repenting for the sin I’ve done, it’s repenting about the motive that made me do the sin. It’s going past the fruit to the root because if the root of corruption is there, there is going to be fruit coming out that is wrong.

Leonard Ravenhill


Steve said...

Thanks be to God that He leads us to repent.

Otherwise we would never do it.

Even with God as our Lord, we still rebel in ways large and small.

But we repent and He always welcomes us home.

Chris Geiser said...

I like that quote. Scriptures says we must renew our mind each day. It is in the mind like Leonard said in your quote.

Da Bomb said...

Thanks for that Wayne! True repentance is active not regret.