Wednesday, September 09, 2009

August 18th Town Hall meeting with U.S. Rep Brian Baird


Steve Martin said...


It's though WE work for the govt., instead of the other way around.

Dis we not already throw the King out once?

This is exactly why our Founders wanted smaller govt.

Small govt. = large people

Large govt. = small people

Ike said...

Hey Steve....what are you talking about? Arnold is doing a wonderful job out there!

Jonathan said...

As much as I would prefer the government that our founders tried to establish, I only see opportunity now. I mean, if the world is perfect and blissful then we have no reason to evangelize.

Steve Martin said...


Don't forget the Dem. controlled legislature, and the public employee unions and the eco-green nuts...they are the ones that really run Cal-ee-forn-ya.


Well, that certainly is a good way to look at things.

A nice A-bomb going off in Chicago would be good for that too.