Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tenn. Planned Parenthood loses gov't funding

From One News Now

The Tennessee legislature has dispatched a strong message to Planned Parenthood.

About $1.1 million set aside for family planning in the state will now be distributed mostly to local health organizations and not the taxpayer-supported abortion provider. Susan Allen of Tennessee Right to Life was there for the vote. "In the House, the vote was 69-to-22," she notes, "and in the Senate, 25-to-7."

Allen is thankful that Planned Parenthood will no longer receive the annual automatic nod from the state. "For approximately 40 years, Planned Parenthood was given preferential treatment in the Tennessee state law for getting family planning funds that are under Title X from the federal government," she explains.

Earlier this year, Lila Rose of Live Action conducted an undercover video probe at Memphis Planned Parenthood, during which she posed as a 14-year-old girl impregnated by an older man. A staff member advised her how to obtain the abortion without identifying the molester. Allen believes Rose's revelation had an effect on lawmakers.


Praise God!

Now if other states will start following this lead maybe, God willing, Planned Parenthood will soon be a very bad memory.


ExPatMatt said...


Just thinking about that undercover sting. Do you think a 14yr old girl should be able to terminate a pregnancy from an 'older man (molester)'.

I do. Normally I would say that the parents should be notified, but there's always a chance that the father is the molester. Of course, by going to PP with concerns about the pregnancy, the fact that she'd been impregnated by her father would have come to light and he could be prosecuted. If abortions are illegal, where does the little 14yr old go? Is she expected to carry her own sibling/child in silence?

What is the alternative to family planning clinics?


Mr. said...
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Jonathan said...

Sorry, the above deleted comment was mine, I had to log back in and post under my name.

Concerning the article...did you know that Planned Parenthood has roots similar to the Nazi regime? The lady that founded it believed that only certain people should breed. She was a fan of negative eugenics: "the study of, or belief in, the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).

When people today speak about aborting babies if they find out about defects, I can't help but think of Hitler, wiping out "lesser" people. And what of the healthy babies aborted? At least they go straight to heaven. Sounds like the Memphis clinic was pushing abortion on young people without following protocol.

In response to ExPatMatt,
(calm voice, offering one view, seeking dialogue). Abortion is murder. Life begins at conception, or even before conception, according to certain verses in the Bible. God knows us before we are formed, which means masturbating and leaving sperm everywhere but the egg it's destined for (spilling the seed) could be viewed as murder too. Should a 14 yr old be allowed to commit murder Matt?

Not trying to start a fight, just throwing out another view.

Joseph A. said...

Wow, I didn't know that happened at Memphis.

Hmm. I still fail to see how a life should be ended over such a hypothetical circumstance. The infant in the womb deserves death for the sins of its father?

I've been told I am insane for thinking this way, though.

Wayne Dawg said...

"Just thinking about that undercover sting. Do you think a 14yr old girl should be able to terminate a pregnancy from an 'older man (molester)'."


I'm one of those folks who only sees issues like this in black or white terms. If I relax on any point of abortion I become willing to admit that murdering an innocent person is Ok and justified because of a particular circumstance.

Rape and incest are horrible things for any woman to go through.....but, as Joseph asks, why does the infant in the womb deserve death for the sins of the father?

Abortion is wrong at all times and it is always murder.

ExPatMatt said...


I appreciate your calm, differing view!

I've mentioned before that I'm pro-life (but not a black & white kind), I do worry about the consequences of enforcing this.

And no, I don't think 14 yr old girls should be made to carry to term a child borne out of rape and possibly incest. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I see it.

Oh and on your Nazi <--> PP thing; did you know that Darwin was a racist and therefore evolution is clearly wrong? ;)

The Bible verse you speak of regarding 'spilling seed', I'm pretty sure that God was angered by this because the dude was under instruction to impregnate the woman in question, not because he 'spilled his seed' per se. Do you know how many sperm die naturally in your testes just as a result of not having sex frequently enough; are you murdering them all? No, that's ridiculous.


I respect your views on this issue.


Wayne Dawg said...

As I do yours too, thanks Matt.

Jonathan said...

I appreciate that you read and understood my referenced verse in its context. But I think you missed a vital part of my statement, where I mentioned the egg it was intended for. Of course most sperm die, I was taking the point to the next step.

Not sure about you Darwin comment. I kind of see your point (sarcasm), but I think it misses the target with regard to my comment. I didn't make the same leap you did. I was sharing an FYI that I believe is relevant knowledge.

ExPatMatt said...


Yep, sarcasm it was. I'm just not sure that it really matters anymore. I mean Coca-Cola were dealing under the table with the Nazis during WW2 (that's where Fanta came from) but nobody boycotts them because of this - different times, different people in charge.

I'm not saying that PP doesn't have a bunch of eugenicist Nazis on it's board, I don't know, I'm just saying that you can take their actions as they are - today - and build a pretty strong case against that without having to go Godwin on the thread.

PS. if most sperm die anyway, why does it matter at all what happens to any of them? It's like getting all upset about getting your hair cut - it will (usually) grow back! Plus, it is healthy to keep the resupply mechanisms working...