Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Spurgeon on the Law

"First, then, our Lord Jesus Christ is the purpose and
object of the law. It was given to lead us too him. The
law is our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, or
rather our attendant to conduct us to the school of Jesus.

The law is the great net in which the fish are
enclosed that they may be drawn out of the element of
sin. The law is the stormy wind which drives souls into
the harbour or refuge. The law is the sheriff's officer
to shut men up in prison for their sin, concluding them
all under condemnation in order that they may look to
the free grace of God alone for deliverance. This is
the object of the law: it empties that grace may fill,
and wounds that mercy may heal.

It has never been God's intention towards us, as fallen men, that the law
should be regarded as a way to salvation to us, for a
way of salvation it can never be. Had man never fallen,
had his nature remained as God made it, the law would
have been most helpful to him to show him the way in
which he should walk: and by keeping it he would have
lived, for "he that doeth these things shall live in them."

But ever since man has fallen the Lord has not
proposed to him a way of salvation by works, for he
knows it to be impossible to a sinful creature. The law
is already broken; and whatever man can do he cannot
repair the damage he has already done: therefore he is
out of court as to the hope of merit.

The law demands perfection, but man has already fallen short of it; and
therefore let him do his best. He cannot accomplish
what is absolutely essential. The law is meant to lead
the sinner to faith in Christ, by showing the
impossibility of any other way. It is the black dog to
fetch the sheep to the shepherd, the burning heat which
drives the traveller to the shadow of the great rock in a weary land. "


Steve Martin said...

The law can never make us righteous, but only kill us. St. Paul tells us that the "law brings death".

Only the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins in Christ Jesus, can give us authentic life.

We need both. You can't have new life...without first dying to the old.

God's law kills us each day, and we are raised again by His promises.

Until that last day, when we are laid into the grave and He raises us to Himself for eternity.

That is our great Hope.

Thanks, Wayne!

Wayne Dawg said...

I can't wait for THAT day!

Chris Geiser said...

Why doesn't the church teach to use the Law in evangelism? Especially when Charles Spurgeon and so many others taught it? What an embarrassment. I am appalled at the church today. I believe the fact the church doesn't use the Law in evangelism is the same reason the church is not going out to the world to preach the gospel because they don't have the key, which is the Law. The pharisees bent the key out of shape and the contemporary church has thrown it away. O may God have mercy on His bride and may He bring her back to her right mind.

Wayne Dawg said...

Preach it Chris!

The Law is the forgotten key -

Thank God there are still a few ministries out there that do biblically use the Law -

Jonathan said...

Paul also said that without the Law he would not know sin. Because generations misunderstood the Law and abused the Law many now discard the Law for fear of traveling down the same wrong path. Paul instructed no such thing. All things point to Christ, even the Law. Use it as it was intended and all will be well.