Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Christians arrested while sharing the Gospel



Repent America (RA) denounces the unlawful police actions by the Sinclair Community College Police Department against five student evangelists who had been arrested yesterday while sharing the Biblical message of sexual purity on the public campus of Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.

Yesterday, at approximately 11:30 a.m., nine members with Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism (FSSOE) arrived at Sinclair Community College to begin their Gospel outreach. As a crowd of students gathered, the evangelists engaged in one-on-one witnessing, the distribution of literature, the display of Scriptural signs and open-air preaching.

Twenty minutes later, Officer Michael Beane approached the group of Christians and stated they were "trespassing" on the public campus. When one of the Christians with the group, Caleb Green, tried to discuss the situation with the officer, he was consequently arrested. Candace Knapschaefer, a 19-year-old FSSOE student who was standing nearby, was also arrested as she held a sign that stated, "Christ died for you. Will you live for Him?"

- Click here to view a short video clip of an unknown female police officer threatening Knapschaefer prior to her arrest.

Caleb Green can be seen in the background being led away by Officer Michael Beane. -

Moments later, the Chief of Police, Charles J. Gift, arrived on the scene and informed the Christians that they did have a right to be on campus, but stated they could not distribute literature nor hold signs. Complying with Chief Gift's directions, the outreach continued peacefully and productively as FSSOE director Jason Storms ministered to the growing crowd of students.

After 3 p.m., as Officer Beane was leaving for the day, Storms approached the officer to caringly inquire about the status of the two of his students that had been arrested. Beane bluntly answered, "I don't have to answer your questions. I am off duty." When Storms followed the officer inside to ask if he could have his name, Beane then threatened that he would be arrested for harassment. Moments later, Officer Beane directed two policemen from the administration building to arrest Storms who was then cited for "disorderly conduct" and released.

Faithful Soldier student Katie Carroll, who had accompanied Storms into the building, caught Storms' discussion with Officer Beane and the ensuing arrest on camera. As Storms was taken into custody, Carroll was told by the officers to leave the building, and promptly joined the others outside. Several minutes later, Carroll was approached by Beane, who demanded that she hand over the footage. She politely declined.

Another Faithful Soldier School student, Daniel Pollion, who stepped in between Carroll in attempt to reason with Beane about his demands for confiscation was immediately put into a headlock and thrown to the ground. Ironically, "off-duty" Officer Beane then radioed into headquarters that Pollion had punched him in the face, and consequently had him charged with assault. Carroll was also arrested by one of the several officers who had now consequently descended on the scene.

However, numerous eyewitnesses consisting of both Sinclair students and other FSSOE members have come forward to file police reports that there was never any punch thrown by Pollion, but that it was instead Officer Beane's actions that constituted assault. Sadly, Daniel Pollion may be facing falsified felony charges and remains in jail awaiting a hearing.

"One bad deed often leads to another," FSSOE director Jason Storms stated. "After Officer Beane unlawfully arrested one of my students, his out of control behavior escalated even further, and now an innocent man remains in jail," he lamented. "How far is Chief Gift willing to go to protect the outrageous and unlawful actions of his officers? It is beyond me how Officer Beane was given a badge and a gun. He gives a bad name to the entire department," Storms concluded.

Repent America director Michael Marcavage states that these arrests are another chilling example of the ongoing governmental crackdown on basic civil liberties.

"The allegations and actions by campus police in this case are particularly disturbing," Marcavage stated. "It is quite evident that the Sinclair Community College Police Department is poorly trained in constitutional law, and their Barney Fife behavior will only continue to endagner the safety and well being of the campus community if the department is left unchecked," Marcavage concluded. "It is imperative that Christians across the nation raise their voices against this injustice," Marcavage concluded.


Expect this brothers and sisters in Christ. As the Day gets closer, the intolerance of the Gospel will be increased.

But we must continue to proclaim the Good News!

Jesus said that if the world hates us (Christians), it hated Him first. (John 15:17-19)

Get out there and proclaim Him!


ExPatMatt said...

That was certainly some disgusting behaviour by the cops there.

They must really, really hate cellphones these days, eh?

There was an incident at the G20 protests where a guys was pushed to the ground by the cops (I think he had a heart attack after this) and they were saying that he was throwing things and hurling abuse....then a dude with a cellphone showed up and it turned out they were lying through their teeth!

I really don't understand police intervention like this; it doesn't make any sense. I wonder if there's more to the story...

Wayne Dawg said...

A lot of police officers have a shallow understanding of what constitutes free speech.

All it takes is for one person to complain about those intolerant backward thinking Christians and the propaganda they spew for the police to make the evangelist(s) leave the area (where they are supposed to be protected in doing the very thing they are doing) and quit 'bothering' people.

I'm sure some video will come out of this to show more of what happened there.......

Steve Martin said...

There are a lot of good cops..and a lot of jackass cops.

Most of them are ignorant of the Constitution (they are not alone there)and many of them are just glorified waiters.

I'm going to say something very changed my mind.

I am guilty just for thinking it, though.