Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I will never vote for a murderer

Why I will never vote for a murderer

By Ray Comfort© 2008

I watched the TV monitor as the pastor of a church in West Virginia invited his congregation of 600 to join him as he held a sign saying that abortion was wrong. He said he had stood on the side of the road for one hour the previous year, and asked who would join him this time. Twenty people raised their hands. I could sense his disappointment at their apathy. He then introduced me as the morning's guest speaker.

I told the congregation that I felt passionate about the subject of abortion, for a good reason. Many years ago, someone told me that a new Christian (named Fran) was about to take the life of her child through the procedure. I was horrified as I found out that she was due to have it done within a couple of hours. I sped to the hospital, praying all the way that God would give me the words to change her mind. I rushed in, ran up to the second floor and into her room. She was sitting on the bed and had already had her preoperational medication. I pleaded, "Please don't do this!"

To my surprise, she just looked at me and smiled. Then she said, "It's OK. I'm not going to have it. I just prayed, 'God, if you don't want me to have an abortion, make Ray Comfort come up and see me.'"

Two years later, I was at a church picnic when I saw a beautiful little girl playing in the grass. It was Fran's child. As I knelt down by the cute toddler, it hammered home the issue that we are dealing with when it comes to abortion.

I told the congregation (with some passion), that I would never, ever vote for a man who advocated the murder of a child in the womb. I don't care about his fiscal policies, because the blood of the innocents is on his hands. I also encouraged them to follow the wonderful example of their faithful pastor. I heard later that afternoon that between 400 and 500 turned out. God bless them.

The Body of Christ in America is a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened. However, the answer to the issue of abortion isn't just to protest; it's also to preach. We are not just to be salt, but we are to be light in a spiritually dark nation. A nation that kills 50 million of its citizens through abortion with no qualms of conscience needs more than a voice of protest. It needs the light of the Gospel.

We are no different than Nazi Germany. We have given ourselves to the wickedest of sins, and that will eventually have terrible national consequences. We desperately need God's forgiveness, and we need a new heart that can only come with conversion. Only the Gospel can take a self-righteous, blaspheming, idolatrous, hypocritical, baby-killing nation, forgive it, and make it brand new.

It's time for us to put legs to our prayers and do what we have been told to do, and that is going to take faithful laborers. The Scriptures ask, "How will they hear without a preacher?" Saint Francis of Assisi's "Preach the gospel; if necessary use words" doesn't cut it any longer. (It has been well-said, "That's like saying, Wash yourself; if necessary use water.") We have to open our mouths for the world to hear. The time for excuses has gone. We live in desperate times, and we need to have a clear and certain sound to take us into the heat of battle. We have to overcome our evangelophobia.

If you can't speak, perhaps you would consider giving a DVD called "The Divine Butler" to your neighbors, coworkers and loved ones, and let it speak for you. It's one of the episodes of Season 3 of our award-winning TV program, "The Way of the Master" – and it is so extremely relevant and timely for what is happening to our country, we have decided to give away free of charge 2,000 copies to those who attend our "Deeper" conference in Georgia. Very low cost bulk copies are available at the Living Waters store.


Question of Identity said...

Another great post Wayne. The problem in our country is that there is no party that will go any where near guaranteeing that abortion will be made illegal. This in effect means that all party leaders are potential murderers. It leaves no one to vote for.


WayneDawg said...

Good point Neil.......

Although I do know that Supreme Court justices will play the important role in the reverse of Roe V. Wade if the vote is there.......

That's why I have to have believe that conservative presidents appoint Constitutional interpreting judges to begin the process of eliminating the worst atrocity this country as ever been a part of.