Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bad bailout plan made worse

What was already a major disaster in the making, the Senate approved a bill that added tons of pork to an already bad pill for the U.S. taxpayers.

Here are some examples:

A tax break to encourage Hollywood studios to do more filming in the United States.

A provision to boost insurance coverage of mental illness.

A tax benefit for bicycle commuting sought by Rep. Earl Blumenauer.

A extension of the solar tax credit, a priority of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat.

Over $100 million to NASCAR to build racetracks.

Millions to study wool. Yes, wool.

What did any of this have to do with bailing out Fannie and Freddie? Nothing.

This is just a very small example of why Washington is so corrupt.

Here is a list of the Senators who voted no last night:

Allard (R)
Barasso (R)
Brownback (R)
Bunning (R)
Cantwell (D)
Cochran (R)
Crapo (R)
DeMint (R)
Dole (R)
Dorgan (D)
Enzi (R)
Feingold (D)
Inhofe (R)
Johnson (D)
Landrieu (D)
Nelson (D)
Roberts (R)
Sanders (I)
Sessions (R)
Shelby (R)
Stabenow (D)
Tester (D)
Vitter (R)
Wicker (R)
Wyden (D)

For a complete list of all the voting, go here. For those of you who live in Georgia, Chambliss and Isakson voted yes to approve this hideous monster; remember that on election day.

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Joseph A. said...

One thing I don't understand is why they are even having a vote on this. If the Fed can spend money without senate/house approval, why don't they just do it that way? It's already happening anyway, and it seems like if the politicians want to avoid the disapproval of the common rabble, they could just use this method. I'm probably missing something though.