Monday, October 06, 2008

Crowe, stick to your day job

From TheAge.comeu:

Russell Crowe has an Oscar and is co-owner of the Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team, but maybe his next job should be US treasury secretary.

The New Zealand-born actor announced, during a US TV talkshow appearance, a plan to cure America's financial crisis.

"I have been intently watching the political process," Crowe told talkshow host Jay Leno.
Crowe believes the US government should give each American $US1 million ($1.26 million).
His reasoning is the US has a population of about 300 million, so the $US300 million outlay is a fraction of the $US700 billion financial bailout package rejected by politicians in Washington DC yesterday.

"I was thinking," Crowe said.

"If they want to stimulate the economy and get people spending so they can look after their mortgage ... give everyone $1 million."


Crowe's plan does sound awesome alright.

I'm sure if the U.S. government handed over a $1,ooo,ooo check to every citizen in this country that the economy just might rebound and even take off.

But there seems to be a slight accounting error on Crowe's part.....

I'm no accounting guru (Badbeans if your out there somewhere you can weigh in) but I'm pretty sure that if the government handed 300 million people $1,000,000 checks, that the total amount given would far exceed the $700 billion dollar bail-out fiasco the president just signed.

Mr. Crowe, please tell me you have someone who's watching over the shoulder of the person who's watching over the shoulder of your accountant........cause I'm thinking it wouldn't take too much hard work to drain the fortune you made making movies.

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