Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gone to prison

A close friend and I leave this morning to join hundreds of fellow prison ministry workers in Atlanta for a three day adventure into the metro area prisons. This will be my friends first time going into prison (he is part of a local jail ministry) to witness to long-term inmates. I got involved last year in the prison ministry and developed a deep passion for witnessing to the inmates.

Please pray that God will use the men and women who go into these institutes for His glory, that the Gospel will be faithfully preached, the inmates hearts will be moved to repentance and that the love of Christ will be evident in all those who minister in the prisons.

Hopefully Monday sometime (may be late in the evening) I will get to share how God used us to proclaim His Word!


steve martin said...

That's good work, Wayne.

I'll pray that God uses you as a bold underline of his Word. And that by your handing over Christ to the inmates that many will come to a living faith in our Lord Jesus.


Doorman-Priest said...

That is a very special ministry indeed.

Craig said...

Agreed, very important ministry. It is important for everyone, especially someone in their situation to know that they can be forgiven.

Gary Andrew Clarke said...

Hey, I really like your blogs. If you'd like you could check mine out..Ive only just started but I think we have some similar ideas.

God Bless