Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tebow versus the left -

From The Christian Post

Though people complain that the upcoming Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad is divisive and controversial, the commercial is simply allowing a family to tell its personal story, contends a theologian.

Dr. Darrell Bock, research professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, said there is a push back on the ability of someone to tell a personal story, or the right to free speech.

“Some people use the word hate speech [to describe the ad] and they haven’t even seen it,” Bock told The Christian Post Friday. “This is particularly odd in a society where all kinds of free speech that would be uncomfortable for a lot of people [are aired]. But someone tells a personal story and they try to cut that off.”

Bock said the ad should be aired and be part of the continuing conversation about the issue of abortion.

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Why are so many on the left opposed to this commercial when they have not even seen it yet?

What could possibly be wrong with Tebow's mom explaining why she chose life over death?


Steve Martin said...

I a guy who's on the right who opposses it...not because I don't agree with it.

I just want some areas in life free of politicking and issues battling.

Sporting events ought be one of those domains.

ExPatMatt said...

Wait....Steve? Are you theoldadam?

Am I slow or what!

I agree with Steve.

Tracy said...

I have some strong opinions on the matter.

Let's see first of all I'm Pro- life!

We are bombarded with birth control commercials, plan B, arousal oils (apparently for both partners now- what a deal), more than half naked men and women which sends a message of lust and lack of repect for one's body.

Admittedly,"Sex" sells. The consequences of sex can result in pregnancy. Then what? The mainstream commercials show options for preventing a pregnancy...

So why not show "I choose life" commercials. Especially at the Superbowl with such a large audience?!

This side of heaven, our life is more than beer, lust, and football!

I choose Life= Jesus, the life giver!

Steve Martin said...


I am the Old Adam.

(don't hold that against me)

(or...hold it against me!)

Jonathan said...

I don't care whether or not it's aired, but I'm bothered by the hypocrisy of those who use free speech as a defense whenever they want to proclaim tolerance and acceptance, but can't bother to allow a 30 second commercial they disagree with and that they aren't forced to watch anyway.

Wayne Dawg said...

I'm with Tracy on this.......

During the Super Bowl, how many commercials do you thhink will air?

I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that 50% (or more) of those commercials will involve sex/lust in some degree or another (Either directly or indirectly).

The hypocrisy that Jonathan points out also applies to types of commercials as well as those who preach tolerance and acceptance.

If TV can sell ads for beer and sex why not ads for the dangers or risks of them as well?

And why not a uplifting promotion of someone choosing not have an abortion and instead choosing life and the joy of raising children?

ExPatMatt said...

...And if a pro-life commercial airs (paving the way for hot-button political topics) then at next year's Super Bowl expect to see some pro-same-sex marriage commercials or perhaps some political campaign commercials mixed in with the beer, sex, cars and pro-life messages.

Are you alright with that?

Jonathan said...

I have to be okay with it because of the country I live in. I can't make America a Christian nation. As a Christian I must live in my culture and meet the people where they are. America will never be what I want it to be and you're never going to hear me try to make it like heaven is. When Christians figure this out they will do more good than ever before.

Can I vote according to my conscience, according to scripture and try to effect change in that manner? Yes, but will whining about the state of our nation effect change? No. Accept it, adapt to it, deal with it, and use it.

Wayne Dawg said...

"Are you alright with that?"

I can't be "alright" with it at all. I can't be alright with anything that goes against my biblical values.

But that wasn't my point.

If we can have dozens of commercials that attempt to lure the audience into buying a product through sexual overtones, why not a wholesome commercial promoting the benefits of choosing life?

"And if a pro-life commercial airs (paving the way for hot-button political topics)"

NARAL paved that path a long time ago with commercials.

I can't stop NARAL from running ads on TV promoting "Choice" and "Womens Health Rights" via their pro-abortion machine.

NARAL has a right, even if I oppose it, to promote all the abortions they want (to their hearts desire) if a station agrees to run the ads.

The path is already laid...so why not hae pro-life voice in there as well?

ExPatMatt said...


Fair point - you've convinced me.

I don't have a TV anyway and, as a Brit, I find American Football to be a very silly sport and wouldn't watch it even if I had a TV.

Come to think of it, I don't really know why I chimed in on this one.

[leaves quietly...]

Jonathan said...

To clarify my position, I'm not personlly "alright" with it, but I must deal with it, and whining about it (like those protesting the Tebow ad) won't solve anything. I mean, if a horrible commercial is aired, will I truly be surprised? No. Degradation of values, degradation of public standards are no surprise. Isn't everyone aware that, as a nation, our values and standards are dropping? Should I be surprised that sinners sin, that lost people are confused by biblical values, that human nature is in a downward spiral? I expect it. Christians are just asking for equal rights under the same freedoms that others operate in regulary.

Wayne Dawg said...

lol,,,very funny Matt

Right on Jonathan!

Nohm said...

Granted, I've not really looked into this situation, but are there any groups that are protesting this ad? Or actually calling it "hate speech"? Or trying to cut it off?

I see claims that there are people "on the left" who are trying to do this, but I haven't seen any of this on the "leftist" blogs and such that I read.

What I see are people complaining that political/religious ads probably shouldn't be shown during the Superbowl.

Regardless, it's a commercial, so I don't really care one way or the other. I'm just reacting to what appears to be "We're being persecuted!" without me seeing any actual persecution.

The network is going to show the ad, so where's the persecution?