Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going to Mardi Gras!

It's an exciting day!

Tomorrow morning my ministry partner and I head down to New Orleans for a few days of street evangelism in the Big Easy!

We have been looking forward to this for quite a few weeks and many prayers have gone up (and are still going up) for this trip.

We have been blessed by a number of dear Christians who have sacrificially given us the funds to make this trip possible. We received enough money to pay for a rental car and the place we will be staying at.

Because we are meeting up with a student at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, we were able to take advantage of staying at the Providence House (don't you love that name?) across the street from the campus. While most people are paying any where from $250 to $350 a night (and more) to spend a night during Mardi Gras, we are able, through our association with the seminary student, to stay at the Providence House for only $55 a night.

With the Providence House located right across the seminary, we are only 5-10 minutes from all the popular Mardi Gras spots.

We are taking a few thousand tracts, a video camera, a digital camera and my "Are You Ready" cross.

Please pray with us that God will plow many hearts in preparation for the gospel, grant us many opportunities to do 'One to One' witnessing, and allow us to openly read from the Bible for Project Ezra. Pray that we listen to the Holy Spirit and obey what we hear. Pray that God gives us the privilege of winning souls to Christ.

Also, please be in prayer for our families that we are leaving behind to go on this mission trip.

We are greatly excited and a little scared. We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Back in a few days!


Question of Identity said...
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Question of Identity said...

Great that God has provided for you to attend this outreach.
Praying Collosians 4: 2-6 for you:

Father I pray that Wayne and his team are devoted to prayer, help them to be watchful and thankful.

I pray Lord that you will open a door to proclaim Your message, that they may proclaim the mystery of Christ.
Father I pray that they will proclaim your message clearly
as they should.
Lord I pray that they will be wise in the way they act to outsiders and that they will make the most of every opportunity.
I pray that their conversations will always be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that they may know how to answer everyone.

Have a God blessed time.


Steve Martin said...

I pray that the Lord will use your poor words for His purposes.

Poor in the sense that we are all earthen vessels.

But His Word is rich in grace and mercy, and will accomplish that for which IT sets out to do.

God bless you, Wayne.

Be careful down there, as well. Be wise and wary of those who would harm you.

Chris Geiser said...

Hey have a good time. May you have the strength to say what you ought to say for the Glory of Jesus Christ our Savior. ;) Blessings bro!