Saturday, February 27, 2010

Newton on the Law

. . . . . The law is lawfully used as a means of conviction of sin: for this purpose it was promulgated at Sinai. The law entered, that sin might abound: not to make men more wicked, though occasionally and by abuse it has that effect, but to make them sensible how wicked they are. Having God's law in our hands we are no longer to form our judgments by the maxims and customs of the world, where evil is called good, and good evil; but are to try every principle, temper and practice, by this standard. Could men be prevailed upon to do this, they would soon listen to the Gospel with attention.

On some, the Spirit of God does thus prevail: then they earnestly make the jailer's inquiry," What must I do to be saved?" Here the work of grace begins, and the sinner, condemned by his own conscience, is brought to Jesus for life.

John Newton

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