Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rome Braves Stadium

This past weekend my softball team had a unique opportunity to partcipate in the first annual Softball Slam held at the Rome Braves Stadium. The Rome Braves are a single A team for the Atlanta Braves.

I haven't got the team picture sent to me yet, but here are some pictures my wife took of the Dawg in action.

The tournament was a double elimination tournament and we were doubly eliminated.

Even though we went two and out, we had a great time playing on a major league type field and now I can scratch one more line off my bucket list!


ExPatMatt said...

It's just not cricket...

Glad you got to get out and play at the stadium - it must have been a cool environment to play in.

Nohm said...

Thumbs and big foam finger up!

Congrats, Wayne.

Wayne Dawg said...

I would actually like to try cricket one day Matt!

I would try rugby but I don't think the old kidneys would take it.

ExPatMatt said...


See if there's anywhere that does touch-rugby. It's essentially the same, but you have a coloured rag that, when grabbed, means you've been tackled and you have to drop the ball.

It has all the same tactics and flow as regular rugby, but without the ruptured spleens and broken ribs!

I'm more of a football (soccer) man myself though - Liverpool FC!

Joe A. said...

You're looking professional as always, Pops! I've always liked the uniforms.

I wish soccer (football) was more popular here in the US. It's virtually impossible to locate it on television at any reasonable interval, and unfortunately my internet is temporarily unavailable this month.

ExPatMatt said...

I have determined that it is ok to call football 'soccer' in North America after watching two seasons of Toronto FC wandering aimlessly around the pitch and failing to do anything useful. It has to be soccer...because it's certainly not football!


No internet for a month; how will you survive!!

Ike said... ARE praying for the Phillies....right?

Wayne Dawg said...

Sorry Ike, no can do.

Phillies and Yankees....I don't even know if I can watch a game of the WS this year.

Braves 2010!

Paul Latour said...

Sin - one strike and yyyerrrr out!!