Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday morning prayer time

Last September, with the nudging of the Holy Spirit, I started a prayer group at work. I asked three born again Christians if they would meet with me before work started on Monday mornings to pray for whatever the Holy Spirit moved us to pray for.

The only place where we could meet would be the break-room. The break-room is an enclosed area with windows that can see into the big manufacturing plant. It didn't take long for the folks out in the plant to figure out what we were doing every Monday.

The rumours started to fly.

"They are starting a cult"....."They are a bunch of whacky Jesus freaks"....."What the heck are they trying to prove?".

After a few weeks we had some other Christians join us. What started out as four can be anywhere from seven to eight on any given Monday.

We pray for specific people who are mentioned in our circle. We pray for our company. We pray for safety of all the employees. We pray for the leaders of the company. We pray for the leaders of our State. We pray for the leaders of our country and all the troops around the world. We pray for lost people.

We just pray.

The time is not for socializing; that can be done at anytime.

After months of doing this the chatter in the plant over what we were doing died down. Although the plant workers can see us, they don't really even glance a second look now. I'm sure they look at our Monday morning prayer time as status quo.

This morning, one of the prayer team members came up to me and told me that 'Arnold' (not his real name) stopped her yesterday afternoon and asked her when we met again to pray for his mother-in-law.

This is not the first time that someone outside our group has asked for prayer on their behalf or for someone else.

I'm not sure if 'Arnold' is a Christian or not. Hopefully I, or one of our group members, will have a chance to witness to him.

What started out as mocking and jeering of our prayer group has now become a 'go-to' place for those who know that they can come to us and ask us for prayer(s) and know with assurance that we will be praying for them.

God be praised!


Sinner Saved said...

Amen to that, my friend. Great work. I think it's great that you started this group, despite what your co-workers might have thought. I praise God that He used you for His glory!

Glory to Him; Holy is His name, and worthy is He to receive our praise all day, every day!

Steve Martin said...

Keep on praying, WayneDawg!

If you want to ask the Lord to open up an opportunity for me, I could use a job.

And pray that my wife won't throw me before I get one!


- Steve M.

Joseph A. said...

That's awesome. This sort of post is fun since I get to catch tidbits of information I wasn't aware of already.

Wayne Dawg said...

Praying for you Steve!

Joe - There's so much you don't ;)