Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last year I attended the first "Deeper" conference with my son and best friend.

The speaker line up last year was amazing: Paul Washer, Marshall Foster, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Todd Friel, Emeal Zwayne and my former Pastor, Johnny Hunt.

Topics last year ranged from the essential truths of the cross to the sufficiency of the Bible. From apologetics to the transforming work of the Gospel through the ages.

I met folks who I only knew from blogs and Christian sites. I made new friends and reacquainted with friends not seen in a while.

We had incredible worship times where the hymns glorified God and exalted Him in all His glory and attributes.

But the most memorable time I had was after the conference was over. I, and more than 500 folks who love to share the Gospel, went out onto the streets of Atlanta and handed out thousands of tracts and personally witnessed and publicly proclaimed the Gospel to the lost.

Deeper is back with another powerful line up which includes the Way of the Master team again as well as Ravi Zacharius, Mark Cahill and Greg Koukl.

Last year Deeper had people from all over the country come to the conference. Some flew in from the left coast and some drove long distances many states away to be there.

Folks, if there is any way you can make this it. I know money is tight this me, I KNOW. But if there is any way you can swing it and make this conference you will not be disappointed. Maybe I will get to meet a some of you guys face to face like I did with a few bloggers last year.

I have not heard of any organized event yet to go back out on the streets of Atlanta, but I cannot see us not doing that again.

Check out the conference site and pray about attending!

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