Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanks John......

Just when you think the demoncrats had it all wrapped up November 7th, along comes Lurch to answer the door.

In case you didn't hear, John Kerry opened mouth and inserted foot; once again. Heck, he even had to go into hiding this time. According to CNN, Kerry canceled plans to campaign for fellow Democrats after the GOP began hammering him over his comments to college students about getting "stuck in Iraq."

Why do the republicans even need to campaign? They should just run Kerry quotes until Tuesday.


quakerdave said...

This is hysterical!

mrclm said...

You are welcome to link to my blog. The guys holding this sign are also from Minnesota! I actually don't claim to be from Minnesota, though I live there. I'm a South Dakotan at heart, and spent 28 of my years living in South Dakota (which is 7/8th of my life!). Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog.

Big Chris
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