Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Feminist - revisited

I dug this post up from the past for my friend QD

FEMINIST -------------------------------------------FEMININE

In her column, The Feminine mistake, Noel Stranger wants to know when did the feminist movement become ridiculous, anti-male, anti-family and pro-sex? She goes on to ask; “When did it stop being a noble fight to be heard and start becoming a contest in vulgarity? When did feminists start claiming to represent all women but stop listening to most of them?”

That’s a great question to ask. It certainly did not happen overnight. It took decades of ultra liberalism to get the face of the feminist movement we have today. Make no mistake about it, there is nothing feminine about a feminist. The feminist movement today is nothing more than a launch pad to get wacky liberalism into mainstream society. I do believe however that the feminist movement started with all good intentions to improve conditions for women in America.

Equal Pay

Take for example equal pay for equal work. That should be a no-brainer as far as the type of work goes. If the job is simple manual labor or entry level position and if male or female can do the job, work hard at it and climb the ladder of success, they should make the same amount of money for their efforts without sex discrimination.

But, there is a basic lesson of economics to understand when you hear feminist cry and whine today about how women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same work.

It’s so easy to shoot down this argument with simple logic; if businesses could save 25 cents on every dollar of labor they spend by hiring only women, why would they ever hire a man? Companies could use only a female workforce and pocket an extra 25% of profits by simply not hiring men. Like, duh! If I remember my economics 101 class in high school correctly, businesses exist to make profits. If they don’t make profits they cease to exist.

Stay at Home Moms?

Another issue feminist make a mockery of is the woman who decides to stay home and raise children. This is the ultimate insult to the ‘intelligent’ feminist. Feminist place a much higher value on the individual woman succeeding in the workplace or in a political position than a woman who decides to spend more time with her family and be a mom.

Judge Robert Bork said, "It should be a source of great pride to bear the next generation and to train that generation's minds and morals. That is certainly a greater accomplishment than churning out tracts raging at men and families. It is fine that women are taking up careers, but the price for that need not be the demoralization of women who do not choose that path."

If a woman chooses to place her family over her career, she should be admired as much, if not greater, than any high level business-woman or woman holding a political seat.

What about Men bashing?

You can thank feminists for the way men and women relate to each other now. Take for example the simple act of being a gentleman. I was taught to hold the door for a lady, open the car door for a lady, and compliment a woman on her appearance. Today you run the risk of being chauvinistic with any one of those acts. In truth, simple things like holding a door or opening a car door for a woman is showing respect for her. Not demeaning her.

But I think the times, they are a changing. I think most women see radical feminist for who they really are; a bunch of left wing agenda pushing radicals who would love for more women to kill more babies In Utero.


quakerdave said...

"There is nothing feminine about a feminist." Right. I'll mention that to Mrs. Agitator. She'll get a kick out of it.

Robert Bork quotes? That'll sure convince me!

Try holding the door for everybody, by the way. It's the decent thing to do. And men can compliment women on their appearances, by the way. Just do it without 1) fixating your eyeballs on their breasts, 2) not drooling when you do it, and/or 3) not following up on your remarks with a grope.

Hey, but what do I know? I'm a neo-Pagan, baby-killing, whale-hugging, tree-worshipping pacifist, and a frickin' QUAKER! That means I'm going to Hell, so whatever...

WayneDawg said...

Hold the door for crack me up.

The post was about feminism.

First of all, I find that the people who scream the loudest about not doing this or that are the exact ones doing it. You have issues

I hold the door for anyone who is near. That was not the point.

Trust me, for every one Mrs. Agitator you find that thinks feminist are feminine, I will show you 100 Mrs. Dawg's that think the opposite.

I repeat - There is nothing feminine about a feminist!!

BTY - I see on your 'Dumb' post you nixed my Kennesaw city gun ordinance comment.

Tha't Ok. At least on my blog people can voice whatever opinion they have (in a civil manner), and it will be posted regardless of point of views.

WayneDawg said...


You go to Hell by not becoming born again as Jesus said in the Scriptures.

quakerdave said...

Dude, I didn't "nix" your comment: blogger nixed your comment. Re-send it and it will be posted. I told you that. Why would I nix that one? It wasn't offensive, and it was good for the argument!

My comment about holding the door was directed at the feminist-bashers out there who continue to insist - wrongly - that anyone who "holds a door for a woman," who "comments on a woman's attire," etc., gets attacked by feminists. Has this ever happened to you? Seriously? You held a door for a woman and she attacked you for it? Women don't sue for sexual harassment for being told that they "look nice." Most of my colleagues, by the nature of my profession, are female. I comment on their attire all the time. They comment on mine. It's all in how it's done and the intention behind it. The LAW states what constitutes harassment. So any other claim to the contrary isn't logical, because it's not based in fact.

If attacking feminism based on a woman's looks is the best we can do here, then we don't have a real argument. It really is a matter of how you define the term "feminism." If you do so based on sexist stereotypes, we won't agree on anything. Chances are, though, that most women want equal pay for equal work, an equal chance to advance in their professions based on merit and not gender, etc. And the right to choose their own destiny, including how and when their reproductive organs get used. But we're never going to agree on that.

Yes, there are those in the feminist movement who enagage in too much male-bashing, and those who don't respect women's choices to choose the jobs and the roles they wish to fill. That's wrong, in my opinion. Feminism, like any civil rights movement, should (again, only in my opinion) be about being able to make your choices WITHOUT having someone (or some unfair law) telling you you can't simply because of how God made you.

By the way, Nicole Kidman now makes as much as most male actors for the roles she gets. Is she an unattractive feminist? The woman you pictured here next to the president of NOW is, I think I read someplace, the highest paid actress in the world. Her wages are a result, in part, of the feminist movement, whether you want to admit it or not.

I would go into all the other reasons for supporting feminism that I believe in, but some of them have to do with being a Quaker, and I can tell from my visits here that that doesn't mean much in these parts, so I'll let that pass.

As for hell, I don't believe in it, so that's where we are on that.

Anonymous said...
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dusty said...

Man, I take issue with this feminine or feminist tude you got going..its tired and its bs. You can be both..and I know hundreds of women that are. I know of NO feminists that bash women who choose to stay at home w/their kids. I have never heard ,seen or said anything to a male that held the door for me..and I do it for men all the make it an issue is ancient history on your part and a sorry example.

Equal pay isn't limited to the "simple manual labor or entry level position". I have been up the ladder and competed against males to head departments, etc...when the truth was out..the man got more..why? Because they are the "head a family"..bullshit bro..I headed my family as a single, divorced parent who got that way because I placed more importance on my job than my relationship..something men get accused of all the time but very seldom get divorced over.

A male that is secure in himself and his sex doesn't have the lame issues you bring up here. There is nothing sexier than a feminist in high heels who has taken the time to get all "made up" and looks great in that three piece suit with the skirt above the knee. I like looking damn good..and I am a very strong-willed feminist.

Feminism isn't as easily pigeonholed as it was 20 years ago. Many feminists have always been feminine. Gloria Steinem has and always will be a sexy feminist..just to name one and a founding one at that.

Feminists fight for women's, families and childrens rights..they do not allude to "speak" for all women.

As for vulgarity..its a sign of the can not pin that exclusively on the feminist movement. I know women that cover all the spectrums...and where I live..there are more moderates and conservatives than liberals..its the reddest county in CA.