Monday, July 10, 2006

The persecuted church

To help bring a little light on the persecuted church, I wanted to link a post from a blog I recently came across.

sCrAmBleD thoughts of one more patriot gives us a smack in the face wake-up call to illustrate how the persecuted church lives and worships in the face of harm and even death for calling on the Name of Christ.


sj. said...

hey! thanx for your encouragements.
you're right. if it's true love, it will stand the test of time and distance :)
my fiance lives in australia and i in malaysia. its seems like such an impossible task.
but thanx again for your words.
:) have a blessed day.

sj. said...

hey. :) In regards to your comment, actually my post was meant to say Life is meant to be lived and not meant for us to hide cowardly in a shell afraid of failure.
I was speaking more to myself than anyone else. I've lived so many areas of my life afraid of failure that it was so paralyzing.
what i had meant to say was, here we were talking about the camera when we realized this important truth about Life and Living! :)
Thank you for sharing!!
I so agree with that John Lennon quote. By the way, it is one of my favourites!
Be blessed :)