Sunday, April 23, 2006

Clinton was right?

At a Portland State University Commencement in 1998, impeached former President Bill Clinton said;

"Ethnic pride is a very good thing. America is one of the places which most reveres the distinctive ethnic, racial, religious heritage of our various peoples. The days when immigrants felt compelled to Anglicize their last name or deny their heritage are, thankfully, gone. But pride in one's ethnic and racial heritage must never become an excuse to withdraw from the larger American community. That does not honor diversity; it breeds divisiveness. And that could weaken America."

I’m so glad these words have been archived for our viewing pleasure some 8 years later because I would never have believed it if I had not read them myself. Clinton must have been having one of those ‘truth’ moments that rarely came from his lips. In fact, in this commencement, he was in favor of immigrants learning English so that they (immigrants) could reach their full potential in the United States.

I never thought I would say this but, Clinton was right.

Any immigrant that wants to come to this country legally should acclimate themselves to American culture, not the other way around. What America can’t afford to happen is a splitting and warring of ethnic or racial groups.

Blanket Amnesty

Somehow, even republicans are falling off the fence and landing on the wrong side of this one. Blanket amnesty is saying that you want to give up and just legalize the illegal immigrants who are already here. This statement is true; blanket amnesty will encourage more illegal immigration. History proves this to be true: In 1986 Congress legalized over 3 million illegal immigrants in an attempt to end illegal immigration. Since then there has been an explosion of illegal immigration.

No illegal immigrant should ever be awarded for breaking the law. No person here illegally should be permitted citizenship before those who arrive legally and go through the strenuous process of becoming a citizen.

When you see the marchers in the streets carrying their home country’s flag proudly and flying the American flag upside down, you see the withdraw from the larger American community and the divisiveness that Clinton warned of in 1998.

We should immediately eliminate all tax-payer supported bilingual programs. Why should we taxpayers encourage foreign speaking immigrants who refuse to learn to speak English? The immigrant should learn English and understand the value of independence and not value the dependence of government programs supported by the American taxpayer.

We need to stop this nonsense now and secure our borders while deporting all illegal aliens back to their country of origin and pray our porous borders have not yet yielded extremists who wish to annihilate us to kingdom come.


Wadical said...

Clinton must've not had much time to review the speech before delivering it. He probably fired the speech writer shortly thereafter. But the point was well made. Though it would've meant more coming from any other mouth but his.

Badbeans said...

Let us think of some analogies:

Pardoning all murderers and making murder legal will decrease the number of murders.

Pardoning all rapists and making rape legal will decrease rapes.

Pardoning all drug offenders and making drugs legal will decrease drug use.

I think I see the logic now that Congress is using now...