Saturday, April 08, 2006

America: Whose country is it?

The claim: This country was founded and settled by force of arms.

My reply: So what?

It’s true. We took some of this country from the British by winning the American Revolution. We took some of Texas and a lot of the Western United States from Spain and Mexico. We took some from whom we call the Native Americans. Should we send Jimmy Carter to Mexico to give back some of our land like he gave back the Panama Canal? I would argue that we just send Jimmy Carter to Mexico, forever. But that may result in even more illegal immigration.

Most all the people of the world occupy a space that once belonged to someone else. And it was usually taken by force.

So called Native Americans were not so innocent when it came to taking land that belonged to others. Before Columbus ever sailed west, North American Indians (This is what they should really be called) were warring, torturing, and raping other tribes all for the gain of more land than they had.

You just can’t claim title to an entire continent by holding up your hand to your forehead and saying, ‘all that my eyes can see is mine’.

Japan and Germany would have loved to take over this country in the early 20th century if they could have. Bin Laden would love to have this country today in his global bid for a unified Islamic state. We posses our country today not because we have a right to it by a deed, but by an awesome military force. Everyday our military is defending this country from hostile take over by another group or country.

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest can be used for this analogy; If you can’t defend your land by force from force, you won’t keep it.

America belongs to those who can keep it.


Wadical said...

Perhaps it should belong to the few of us who are willing to keep it. So few are willing to fight for anything they believe in, much less their country.

It has become fashionable demonize one's own country to appear tolerant and sympathetic. Where have all the patriots gone?? I'll tell you....They're Islamic. Evil as they appear, they are certainly passionate about their beliefs. Nothing but equal ferver will even contest them in this struggle. Greater ferver is all that will defeat them. Americans must endeavor to actually be like this enemy in at least one respect...and that is to understand that there are things worth dying for.

Badbeans said...

From time to time, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots. I believe that Patrick Henry originally made that quote, but it is timeless in its application. So few today, and I must shamefully admit that I have been in this number, are willing to fight and/or to die for the cause of liberty in our nation.

The difference in the United States and many of the nations that occupied this land in the past is that, by and far, one has the opportunity to gain property through hard work and good decision making. In the past, and with many nations today, if one does not have land, one does not have the opportunity to gain land or other property.

This is not to say that anyone has a right to property just because they do not have it, but they have the right to pursue property so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

I am in favor of and understand the desire of people from other nations to migrate legally to the U.S. and to assimilate themselves into the American culture and society. But I am not in favor of people invading our nation by slipping over by cover of night, having children, and then demanding amnesty since they are parents to citizens of the U.S.

I for one an reluctant to protest. One reason is that it seems to legitimize the opposing cause. An example of this would be the protesters at Ku Klux Klan rallies, or protesters at marches such as the one staged in the 80's in Cumming, GA by Hosea Williams and company. Another reason is that it tends to turn in to a bunch of mindless ranting.

However, I am in favor of redress of grievances by our government. Such methods are letter writing, e-mailing, and faxing, faxing probably being the most effective. The problem I see is that protests get a lot more play and media attention than do the letters, so politicians and the public are given the perception that what is reported is the majority opinion. In fact, people need to put what is reported in perspective.

The majority of Americans do not want illegal migrants to be legalized. They want them out.

WayneDawg said...

I don't know if you all have noticed, but it seems illegal aliens are not the words the media is reporting as a description of these people. The new catch word is ‘undocumented workers’.

As if you and I and everyone who holds a job as U.S. citizens are documented. I don’t carry a card in my wallet that says I’m a legal worker, do you? Undocumented worker is a nice way of not referring to the millions of law breakers who make a mockery of every immigrant who went through the tough (as it should be) process of becoming a citizen of this country.

As Badbeans pointed out in his comment – get writing Y’all. The weasels in Washington went on Spring break without fixing this mess and I believe the Senate will lack the nutz to pass what the House sent to them with screwing it up.

native said...
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native said...
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native said...
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native said...

isnt it interesting that agnostics and atheists are always pushing the darwin theory of evolution to explain nature but never see humans as a part of that nature, or that the social darwinism of "survival of the fittest" is a part of nature's order?

when the illegals have more than magic markers and poster boards and willing accomplices in leadership then they can make a stand for their former land. but until they pull together an army and fight the good fight in the way it has been done from time immortal they are just an irritant, but a bad irritant. like montezumas revenge to the Nth degree.

native said...

sorry waynedawg i dont know how i made so many posts. gn