Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Other peoples blogs

I may have a slight addiction of hitting the 'next blog' button. In a way it's kinda cool because you don't know where your going to end up. You're hoping the button takes you to a neat site that someone has put some thought into whether its with words or pictures.

I like ending up on a page where there's a little of both. Some blogs are personal diaries while others are personal trash. And I do mean trash. Along with the anticipation of the 'next blog' button there is a certain apprehension that goes along with it. I kind of relate the apprehension to the yet unknown site as that feeling you get when you have to go into an unknown bathroom you have never been into before. You hope it's nice and clean where you can walk right in and feel free to engage the facility. Sometimes though you walk into that bathroom and turn right around because its too nasty to step a foot in. Some blogs are like that.

Some blogs never have comments from visitors and some blogs you feel like you just have to comment on their recent post. I have made a friend with a Pastor in Greensburg, PA. and debated with a Pastor on the use of his foul language somewhere else.

Who knows, blogging may just be a temporary fad for me or I might just post as long as its free to do so. Right now its fun to hop around and visit blogs. My wife has even sent me some blogs she thought I might find interesting. Just beware though, you never know what just may show up on your screen when you're randomly seeking blogs.


Amos said...

on the note of "other people's blogs":

Thanks for the comment and support that you left on mine.

Tim said...

I agree with you Waynedawg, its like reading a book with no cover, title, or index and many authors

P.S. Thanks for comments at my site Gospel of John

Sarah said...

Hi Waynedawg,
Yes there is a way to do the stats of who views your blog. You go to sitemeter.com and create an account. You then chose the template that you want etc. To which you then will copy the code that comes with it, insert it through your blogger.com file. (don't worry the sitemeter will explain) and you will have a sitemeter recording who visits, from where etc. Which is how I found your blog to write you back.

Good luck on focusing on God this year. I enjoyed your blog, especially your psalm sharing!
God bless

Hamrose said...

Whoo-wee, you sure do remind me of someone I used ta know. Mmm-mmm-mm. Wayne, wayne wayne. Trash. Hm-mm trash is an interesting thing isn't it? You know, there is that ol' phrase, another man's trash...there is also a story my father used to tell me. One day there was this hobo, and he found a patch of cucumbers and ate and ate until he had his fill. Well, after a while, he stood up, and felt the call of nature, so he wheedled on the ground, and feeling nice and full ended up wheedling on the cucumber peelings that he had tossed away. Soon, he felt a little sleepy, and took a nap. But once he woke up from the nap, he found out he was pretty hungry again, but all the cucumbers were gone! So he looked over at the peelings...and decided "well, that one is far enough away...I don't think I pee'd on that one." And he ate it. And he looked at the next one and did the same thing. And on and on. And before you know it...they were all gone. The moral of the story? Jes be careful where ya wheedle...ya just might need ta eat there some day.
Keep the peace brother!

WayneDawg said...

Ok. I'll make sure I wheedle in the potty and never get my food from it. Sounds like common sense to me though.

nukie310 said...

Sorry you had to hit the next blog button and experience My Onion Pi. Just be assured that you are still honorable with me.

Marsha said...

Ahh so that's how you found my blog, lol.

I do the same thing, btw. :)