Thursday, January 05, 2006

Must be that time of year...

Seems everyone at work is sick, just getting over being sick or starting to get sick. It's like trying to dodge a minefield of virus'.

We (the family) were at church last night and since my wife and I are in between Bible studies, we hung out with the teenagers while our son was in Awana's. The teens, around 50 or more, meet in the old Sanctuary and listen to a live teen Christian band. After 30 minutes or so they have some fellowship and play some games before the main speaker comes on. The speaker last night was the Sunday school director who's one of the most godly, intelligent, articulate and purpose driven Christian men I know. The only thing I could say against him would be that he bleeds a little too much orange. Tennessee orange that is. Here in the state where the Bulldogs rule he's ruffed up about that a lot. After a few minutes of kidding around with the teens he presented a very passionate lesson on not selling out when your Christianity is on the line. A very timely lesson for teenagers today who face a lot of peer pressure. The lesson was well received and a lot of teens were very moved by it. The Sunday school director gave a closing prayer and sat down. Without any alter call, or prompting by the director, kids started coming forward and burying their faces on the alter. It was a very moving scene to see that many kids come forward and pray at that alter. If one kid was by himself praying, it would only be for a moment as other teens would surround the one and embrace and pray with him. It was awesome to see God move on those teens. God bless 'em every one. And I praise God for sending godly men to our church that have a real passion for teaching and preaching the Word without compromise.

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Diz said...

Just a side note......I am waynedawg's wife & my blood runs orange. GO VOLS!