Monday, October 04, 2010

Quote of the Day -

"We profess to be strangers and pilgrims, seeking after a country of our own, yet we settle down in the most un-stranger-like fashion, exactly as if we were quite at home and meant to stay as long as we could. I don't wonder apostolic miracles have died. Apostolic living certainly has."

Amy Carmichael - Missionary


Steve Martin said...

I'm sure what she means.

Apostolic miracles? Whenever someonr hears the Word and comes to faith...that is a miracle. What other miracles do people really need?

Apostolic living? We are saints and sinners. We live by faith and not by sight.

The Word will make it's own way, it doesn't need super-righteous people who float 6 inches off the ground.

Steve Martin said...

I meant to write 'not' sure what she means.

Wayne Dawg said...

I see her point as being the church has lost her first love.

She is not talking about super righteous people (floating or otherwise).

I see her quote along the lines as Spurgeon:

“Thou hast left thy first love.” “Is that serious?” saith one. It is the most serious ill of
all; for the church is the bride of Christ, and for a bride to fail in love is to fail in all

"As a church we must love Jesus, or else we have lost our reason for existence."

The professing "church" has become like and behaves like and looks like the world.

Steve Martin said...

I see your point (and hers). But she worded it a bit oddly.

The church is always filled with saints and sinners who are poor stewards of God's Word.

We could do a lot better, that's for sure. But His Word will endure in spite of our dereliction of duty.

Thanks, Wayne!

Wayne Dawg said...

Yes, amen...His Word will endure in spite of us.

Thanks, Steve