Thursday, October 21, 2010

"I don't know how God creates. I don't know how we got here."

Those words come from Glenn Beck yesterday on his radio show. Even though Beck says he would be shocked if he found out from God that he indeed came from monkeys, he would be "cool" with it.

From WND -

Glenn Beck addressed the question on his radio show today as he came to the defense of Christine O'Donnell, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware under fire for challenging evolution.

"Did evolution just stop?" Beck asked rhetorically. "I haven't seen the half-monkey/half-person yet. ... There's no other species that's developing into half-people."

"I don't know how God creates. I don't know how we got here," he continued, wondering what God might tell him after he dies. "If God's like, 'Yup, you were a monkey once,' I'll be shocked, but I'll be cool with it."

Beck explained, "If God didn't create, if things evolve, then your rights evolve. You're not endowed by your Creator.


No evolution Mr. Beck. Go back and read the Bible.

God created man.

Oh, and by the way, Jesus is God too.


Jonathan said...

That's a tough one. I see his compromising for his celebrity, profession, position, paycheck, audience, etc, but I also see a glimmer of absolute faith in God, which is cool. I'd like to hear more people say that they'd be cool with whatever God told them rather than what I often see, people trying to control their lives while giving lip service to Jesus.

Steve Martin said...

"God, apart from Jesus Christ, might as well be the devil."

(my pastor said that)

If there is no forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, a forgiveness that accomplishes ALL that we need, by the way...then what good would God be for us? All of us would end up in hell, and that is exactly where the devil wants us to be.

As for monkeys and Glen Beck...I haven't been able to watch the guy and those blackboard charts for a long time now. He's way too dramatic for me.

I'll take Dennis Prager, anyday. Even though he's a Jew. No political gospels for me.

The gospel is far too important to attach it to the things we do in our government.