Saturday, June 05, 2010

Helen Thomas to Jews: Go back to Poland.

Should we expect anything less out of Helen?


Steve Martin said...

It does not suprise me how many so-called "progressives" let their true racist and anti-Jewish feelings out of the bag.

She is quite ignorant as to peoples that have have occupied that land, and she obviously has a love affair with the people who say they "love death more than the Jews love life" (Hamas)

Jonathan said...

Can we expect more from anyone? Do we not witness prejudice from Christians towards other people groups such as muslims, homosexuals, calvinists, arminians? Shouldn't we take the plank from our own eye before we take the speck, that makes sense to her, from her eye? I hear soldiers over here complain about the war, civilians complain about the war, but then minutes later they laugh about their war profiteering.

Has everyone forgotten that people are just people, and people everywhere are segregated into groups by choice, not a class designation at birth. What the hell does it mean to love your neighbor, love your enemy?! Tell me. No, show me. Show me a man loving his enemy. Easy to preach, tougher to walk.

Steve Martin said...

Please read that short article.

Jonathan said...

The problem with that article is that it defends the idea of a national identity. Why divide over invisible boundaries? People are people, everywhere you look.