Friday, June 25, 2010

Gone to the beach

It's time for the beach again. :)

I know the postings are not coming everyday now and that's because I'm just too darn busy. And being too darn busy starts getting a little stressful on the old body.

So it's off to put my toes in the sand and a quality cigar in my hand.

Back in a week.

Here's a link from last year when I tried out my new metal detector for the first time on the beach - Click here


Jonathan said...

I thought I'd get to try a quality cigar over here in Iraq, Cuban cigars are sold everywhere, but the locals don't store them properly, so they're actually the worst I've ever seen or tried. So much for my first Cuban cigar. Hope you get to relax at the beach. I always make the mistake of not giving myself time on the back end of a vacation, so I usually have to come home and rush off to work the next day.

Steve Martin said...

I went fishing with a friend and his father when I was about 14. A little boat rocking on the ocean, the smell of dead fish and Mr. Cohen's cigar took care of my ever wanting to smoke a cigar.

But I'm happy that you guys enjoy them!

Have a nice time, Wayne!

Thanks for your service, Jonathan!

Wayne Dawg said...

Sorry to both of you concerning cigars...

Jonathan - the next time your over my way here in North Georgia, I'll make sure you have a fine quality cigar straight from my humidor.

I don't care what anyone says, the Nicaraguans are putting out the best smokes in the world right now.

Steve - That will deter anyone from ever smoking a cigar! Mr. Cohen must have been a greater man than me to smoke a cigar in conditions like that!

Jeez...I'm about to get sick thinking about it.

Jonathan said...

Steve, thank you, but to clarify, I left the "service" last year. I was pushed out for a heart condition. I'm a gov't contractor now, deployed to Iraq, still in service to our country and to the Iraqi people that want a better future.

Wayne, I look forward to it.

Question of Identity said...

ave a great time Wayne. God bless. Neil

Ike said... go to the beach and me and my wife get to feed the ducks at a local Park. Some things just ain't fair:-) You must have gotten a stimulus from Obama.