Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Puritan Moment

Two things a master commits to his servant's care--the child and the child's clothes. It will be a poor excuse for the servant to say, at his master's return, "Sir, here are all the child's clothes, neat and clean, but the child is lost." Much so of the account that many will give to God of their souls and bodies at the great day. "Lord, here is my body; I am very grateful for it; I neglected nothing that belonged to its contents and welfare; but as for my soul, that is lost and cast away forever. I took little care and thought about it."

John Flavel -

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ExPatMatt said...

Very poetic....but you can see children and clothes. Not so much with souls though.

And, of course, the 'Master' in this case knows that the servant is absent-minded and not trustworthy, but leaves the child with him anyway.

Ah, I'm just arguing for the sake of it now; just ignore me.