Thursday, November 12, 2009

Off for a few days -

“Any cross but the one I have,” cried one. Surely it would not be a cross if you had the choosing of it, for it is the essence of a cross that it should run counter to our likings."

C. H. Spurgeon


Taking a few days off as I have yet another lithotripsy procedure tomorrow to bust up the remaining stubborn stones in the left kidney.



Joe A. said...

I hope and expect that all will go well with it. Get that much-deserved rest before and afterward, Pops!

Nohm said...

Get well soon, Wayne!

Steve Martin said...

Praying for you, Wayne.

Hurry back!

Dorci said...

Praying for ya, Wayne.

And I love this Spurgeon quote. It's not submitting until we do, right? Dying is no Disneyland ride. It is painful, and gritty, and ugly. But the result is the most beautiful thing in the world: glorifying Jesus.

God bless.

Wayne Dawg said...

Thank you all!

I came through the 3rd round very well.

Still a little sore today though.