Thursday, January 08, 2009

Here we go again......

Is this guy a Todd Bentley disciple?

Hat Tip to Chris Shanks at For the time is coming


Craig said...

Thanks for making us aware of the kind of false doctrine that is out there. I have never really heard of the bi-locating.

I don't always doubt the healings, but they are not from God. I think they are more demonic.

Chris Shanks said...


Thanks for the plug. I absolutely love your site man! I just got started and have a lot to still put up and I can see we will have some things in common. Love the "Are you ready?" video I have sent that to friends in the past. Also love Fish with Trish. I gave you a "shout out" on today's post and have put your blog in "blogs I read" section. Take care and keep it up brother!

Chris Shanks

steve martin said...

When you rip out the pulpit; when you rip out the lecturn; when you remove the altar and replace it with band can (not always) lose the anchors that keep us tied to Christ's work for us, and end up anywhere and this moron and those that would give him 2 minutes of their time.